IndoreHD is always keeping a close eye on the fresh & budding talents around the town. Our platform always creates the synergy between talents & opportunities for all those who seems to be promising to the city. This time, Team Indore HD got a chance to have a fabulous date with one of the most promising budding MakeUp Artist of Indore – Mehak Dawar. After she was done with her hectic schedule of doing make up for one of her clients, she was ready for some chit chat. Mehak is a freelancer makeup Artist based in Indore and her main focus right now, is to do and promote high end makeup and fashion. Here is a short excerpt of the talk we had with her for all you Makeup & Fashion Maniacs!


Q. So Tell Us, How Did You Start In The Makeup Industry?

I started doing makeup about 6 months ago professionally. I was always inclined towards the fact that every woman deserves to look beautiful and I always had this passion to do something about it. The experience was great because I learned to be comfortable and work on different faces. 


Q.  What Made You Take This Professionally? What Was The Motivation Behind It?

The motivation behind it was my passion for it. Initially, when I used to do it, it never occurred to me that this is something I would finally take as a career, few months down the line. I’m really thankful to my husband and friends who gave me lot of push to take this professionally, as I was doing pretty well in the field.



Q.  How Supportive Was Your Family About This Decision Of Yours?

My family was very supportive with this decision of mine. I really want to thank my In-laws and my parents for supporting me in this venture. The biggest support came from my husband. When I told him that I want to be a professional makeup artists and I have some really nice plans to make it big in this field; he took my hand and asked me if I was sure. And I said “I’ve never been so sure about anything in my entire life, this is what I wanna be!” And he said “let’s do it then!”


Q.  Where Do Most Of Your Clientele Come From? And How Many Projects You Have Handled Till Now?

Since it hasn’t been long since I started, my clientele was mostly from word of mouth and referrals from past clients. The clients I’m getting are really patient and even though I’m pretty new to this field, they trust me completely. Thanks to my work, the queries have started pouring in and I’ve quite a few photo shoots and bridal makeup lined up as for now.


Can You Give Us a Description of How You Do It, Your Methods and the services you have on offer?

I’ll be honest; I don’t think I’m doing something really very special to make my clients stand out from the rest. I’m trying my best to help bring out the best in my clients. When I see someone’s face, I try to give them a makeup that will make them look naturally heightened. Right now, I’m offering services for bridal makeup, photo shoot/editorial makeup and party makeup.


What Are Your Future Plans? Where You Want To See Your Venture Going?

As I have started working professionally in the past 6 months or so, I definitely want to take this even higher than where it is heading right now. I have plans to open up my makeup studio very soon, where I’ll help more and more women to be benefited by my knowledge on beauty and how to take care of themselves better.


How You Spend Your Spare Time When You Are Not Working Professionally?

I like to watch the works of other makeup Artists and I also do watch hair tutorials. I believe that learning is an ongoing process and there’s always a chance for improvement. You must always take inspiration from good people. My philosophy towards makeup is to let it come out of you as opposed to me putting it onto you. Other than this, I also love to hang out with my group of friends.


What According To You Is The Best Thing About Indore; Business and Personal Point Of View?

Indore holds a lot of potential when it comes to makeup Artists. Indore is getting open to makeovers and women here have started to experiment with their looks and makeup is just not limited to parties and marriages now. Women are okay to sport a lot of makeup, as long as it looks natural and enhances the look. Trust me; it takes a lot of patience and makeup to create a no makeup look. I get clients who are updated with latest trends and they know what they want and they are very precise about it.


Do You Have Any Final Words Of Wisdom To Artists Aspiring To Become Makeup Artists?

Just keep on pursuing what you love and be passionate about it. No work is small and you must never doubt your capabilities. Be nice to everyone and be accommodating and easy to work with people. All the best!

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