Places in and Around Indore to Take Your Parents To

Thanks to the hectic lifestyle most of us are leaving, we glorify ourselves by telling people we are too ‘busy’ to do things and in the process, we end up ignoring the biggest pillars in our lives – Our Parents. Our respective jobs are making us irritated and frustrated and our parents take direct toll […]


Katkut: 90Kms from Indore is Lot More Than Just an Off Road Destination

Whenever you plan a journey to a place that is far from city, you end up enquiring about an area that is far away from the chaos of the city you witness on daily basis. Thanks to Internet and loads of options available for the required information. Almost all the places around Indore have been […]


Have You Been to Punjapura Ghat Near Indore ?

You might have come across a lot of suggestions from people, most of them telling you to visit the same and crowded places in Indore, when you have asked any of them about a place, where you can go to on Saturday or Sunday, away from the hectic crowds and places that are swarmed by […]

Top Ten places to visit during monsoons in Indore.

No matter whether rains bring in potholes or grasslands, for nothing is too humid, too wet, too sluggish unless you have Indore Monsoon Special! When monsoon hits Indore, the city comes up with more than just rain god’s blessings. The foodie and fanatic people of Indore know how to celebrate savan better than anywhere in India, […]