beautifying community toilets of Indore- IndoreHD

Indore To Soon Get Colorful Community Toilets!

In order to take a notch towards taking Swachh drive a step further, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has now started beautifying the community and public toilets across the city with art and picture work. As a part of this initiative, along with walls, bridges and other public spaces, toilets, too will be beautified for the […]

Single Use Plastics To Be Banned From October 2nd. Everything You Need To Know!

The Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan has ordered aerated drinks giants Pepsi, Coco-cola, and other packaged drinks manufacturers to come up with alternative environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Single-use plastic items will be banned in India from October 2, 2019. These will include small plastic bottles, plastic bags, straws, cups, plates […]

broom 18

Broom 18- An Innovation By Indore Based Engineer, Contribution To Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Complain or come and help- the choice is yours and the change will be for the world. When a common man turns his head up for a change, he becomes an inspiration. Mr. K.S. Rathore, a responsible citizen from Indore city who believes that if an effective idea becomes a reality; it can turn tables for many. […]