Complain or come and help- the choice is yours and the change will be for the world. When a common man turns his head up for a change, he becomes an inspiration. Mr. K.S. Rathore, a responsible citizen from Indore city who believes that if an effective idea becomes a reality; it can turn tables for many. Just like a thought to add an asset to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with a simple machinery that can combine both traditional and modern ways of cleaning named as Broom 18.

While walking on the streets, we tend to notice the dirt all along and think to ourselves that this should be cleaned. Unfortunately, dirt particles are quite small in size which makes it harder for any machine to clean it completely. That is when an engineer’s mind strikes an idea for a machine that can broom up even the smallest particle of dust to one side of the road. Considering that we Indians have been using the broom and sweep technique at our homes for years, this idea is traditionally tested and proven. But an idea is just the base for an invention; there are many other layers beneath the success, and to know every layer keep reading!

What Is Broom 18?

Sweeping and cleaning have been the easiest way to remove dust since ages. But now it’s time to add a bit of technology touch to the whole process so that reduction of labor can be possible and even the widest roads can be dust-free. Broom-18 is the first prototype of this innovative idea. This machine is designed in such a way that dust can be removed from high-maintenance roads. Broom-18 weighs for around 100 Kgs and is operated with the use of AC motor. The use of AC motor makes it a low maintenance machine. The panel attached at the floor-facing side of this machine manages to blow off the dust to the corner side. The pressure of blowing is so high that even the particles stuck between gaps are forcibly moved towards the outer side, and the front side of this machine includes brooms around it which are inclined at such an angle that they do clean up the dust without getting stuck anywhere. This panel of brooms is movable referring to the inclination of the ground. With some other basic connections, this model dedicated towards a cleaner India is completed. Though this innovation seems quite simple but a few questions still raised many eyebrows, so here is a series of these few simple but important questions:


Why Brooms?

Though blowing is a new technology but broom still remains as the only source that can sweep off the dust from the hardest parts of the even cemented road. Another reason for the addition of brooms is that it is cheap and easily available in every part of India, which will make it easy for use throughout the country.

broom 18


Why Is Cleaning Dust Important?

Cleaning garbage from an area is not enough to keep diseases away. Dust particles are major reasons for nasal infections and many other lung diseases. The list does not end here, these small dust particles come along with many micro-organisms that are not-so-good for our health. All these reasons make cleaning of dust equally important as cleaning of garbage.

healthy environment


What Is The Main Thought Behind It?

There are only two things in the world that can actually clean dust i.e. air and water. And the choice of air was much easier. Hence air is a stronger medium and it can be channelized in directions easily, this whole machine works on the concept of removal of dust through channelizing it in the right direction via traditional methods.

K S Rathore


What Additions Can Be Made In Future?

In future, if this machine gets acceptance for a bigger scale addition of a battery or inverter is possible as this model will be used on roads where attaching wires to electric sockets can be a little difficult. The size of this machine has to remain the same in order to keep its mechanism in the same order.

fresh air


How Is This Machine Socially Beneficial?

This machine will increase employment opportunities and will cut out a lot of labor work at the same time. Plus with its efficiency a larger area can be cleaned in no time.

swachh bharat abhiyan


What Makes Broom-18 Unique?

Broom-18 is the only machine that can work with both wet and dry dust. This means it is useful on main roads and dirtiest sabji mandis. These features make Broom-18 the most unique amongst all cleaning machinery.


cleaning machine


So, now you know what Broom-18 is and how it can turn tables. But all this was only possible because Mr. K.S. Rathore, a common engineer who worked with several companies throughout his life, dedicated around a year to create a successful innovative machine that can pay a bit towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. If he can create a machine to contribute, we guess you can do the least like throwing in the garbage bin to support a cleaner India, right?


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