Instant messaging services have sure taken a big space in our lives and in the emerging competitive market, it is better to have a platform which is updated with the latest features for user convenience. So, today we tell you more about the most awaited features to be introduced in whatsapp :

The Dark Mode

Just like the lite version of facebook messenger , whatsapp is coming up with the dark mode feature which would help in saving battery life through low power consumption of the OLED display platforms which in turn will have less strain on the eyes of the viewer. 

dark mode whatsapp features

Pay via Whatsapp

Adding a digital payment portal to whatsapp would make digital payments so very feasible and convenient. Whatsapp has been testing this feature since 2018 and shall soon be launching it in the market.

Scan QR Codes To Add Contacts

Just like the BBM , whatsapp might add the QR scanner to its UI which will make the process of adding a contact even faster.

whatsapp feature add contacts

Web App to be separate

The current app is not independent in terms of browsing and so whatsapp will be launching an inbuilt web app to make browsing even more effective.

Touch ID Access

The fingerprint unlocking feature will not only provide better security for android and IOS users, but will also enable locking third party apps with it. There are also chances of the face unlock technology to proceed with it.

Status sharing across other apps

Whatsapp will soon include this feature of sharing your status on other social media platforms via whatsapp itself. Though it may add options of deciding whether to share it or not. 

Ads In Stories

If you are planning to promote products or services through whatsapp , it has got a great upcoming feature which will enable the user to publish ads on stories. Though this may not be preferred by a lot many general users.

Hide Muted Status

A new button to be added for muted stories which would either hide or show the status stories as per your preference.


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