Indore HD brings you some of the Fashion trends to ditch in 2018; trends that were quite a rage last year but as per our prediction, won’t be holding their own in 2018!  So, if you have any one of the mentioned down below lying somewhere in your house, you know what you have to do!

Chokers (Women)

Chokers were must have in every party and club scene last year and no matter which party you attended, you were sure that you will spot many girls adorning them around their necks. They were so much in rage last year that people have had enough of them and now you hardly see many girls adorning them. Our pick would be Nose piercings or subtle earning over chokers!


Off Shoulders (Women)

Yeah yeah, we know that showing skin can be sexy and off shoulders were quite ‘in’ in the clubbing scene but there is this certain vagueness about them that is not going to keep their ranking always on the top. Tank tops are coming in strong and they are definitely going to be in the trend in 2018!


Skin Fit Jeans (Men)

C’mon guys! I mean c’mon! No one interested to see a man donning jeans that will end up showing your legs like a drain pipe! Just stay, STAY away from tight fitting jeans this year and if you have many lying around in your closet, then this is the right time to hand them over to your sister or your girlfriends.


Logo Embroidered Trousers / Jeans (Women and Men)

What were people actually thinking when they thought to wear jeans that have a particular embroidery on them? They were quite rage last year and year before that and I never understood the mind frame of people who love to wear them! Jeans must always be subtle and wearing ones that have embroidery on them like Sari or ladies suit ends up making you look like a laughing stock. For the love of God, get rid of them if you have them in your collection.


Velcro Shoes (Women and Men)

Take them out from your shoe rack and burn them on the ground. If you have them in white colour, cover your face and then burn them. I mean you gotta be eating baby food and wearing diapers to wear such kind of shoes. Everyone and I mean everyone around us is wearing them and it really makes me sick in the stomach to see so many white pairs of Velcro’s on people’s feet. It reminds me of the cheap roadside Velcro zipper pouches and wallets kids used to buy to store chillers and chewing gum at one time. Just get rid of them. Please!


Hope you enjoyed reading! Do avoid investing in any of the above to avoid landing in a fashion faux pas. Fill your wardrobes with interesting jewelry and fashion pieces, just remember to stay away from the above and ditch in 2018, if you own any of the mentioned trends.

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