Indore is a city that is surrounded by beautiful nature places may it be waterfalls, historic places, temples, or Lakes! And this makes Indore a city of choice when it comes to satiate your travel hunger. Indore has been blessed with a lot of small & big lakes which are a treat for nature lovers!

As the best city guide of Indore, We have been sharing information about the various lakes near Indore! So in this blog, we are about to give you the recommendation to explore a lake which is in Ujjain( not that far from Indore).

Undasa Lake of Ujjain

The travelers and explorers of the Ujjain city are mostly familiar with the Undasa Lake, but there is certainly a major percentage of Indore Population who are unaware of this lake!

Undasa is a village in Ujjain district, located 6 Km away north from district headquarters Ujjain! This is one of the lakes which has become a new hotspot for migratory birds.

“In the past few years, Ujjain’s water bodies particularly Matana lake have come up as a great spot for migratory birds. While numbers have dropped in Indore, they have gone up in Ujjain,” Shyam Mishra, senior bird watcher.

So, If you are a bird lover or falls into the birdwatcher community, Undasa Lake can be your next destination! For all the long drive lover gang this is a not so far but a decently placed spot on the map near Indore!

And, If you are a cycling freak, this place should be in your top explore list to give you a long ride!


~ Don’t litter the place

~ Please do not damage any natural resources present in any way!

~ Don’t throw any kind of plastics in the lake

So If you explore this lake and find an experience worth sharing with us , don’t hesitate to send it to us! We would love to add your words to this blog 🙂 Happy Exploring Guys!

Featured Image Abhishek Shah


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