Indore – The commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh has another name as the “city of foodies”. This name has been given to Indore because of its Flavours, it’s variety of chats and  the wide range of street foods that is enough for a mouthgasm for anyone. One who comes here for any reason, be it travelling, business or catching up with relatives, he/she is bound to get the awe from the food of Indore. Poha- Jalebi jodi snack is not more than a ritual when it comes to the breakfast for the people of Indore.

Snacks and sweets are something that Indians are mostly fond of but Indoris are totally in love with them. And above that,Indore has got the heaven for midnight foodies – the place is called Sarafa Ratri Bazaar ! If you are in Indore even for a single night stay ; then sarafa bazaar should be on top of your list.  The moment you Step in Indore, the city welcomes you with the aroma of food & that can be called as “Indori Mehmaannawazi” 

Here we bring you the List of Best Food of Indore :

1) Poha:

The Flattened rice sautéed in onions and chillies, flavoured with salt, turmeric & a dash of lime juice usually accompanied by tea.

2) Jalebi:

A coil of batter(refined flour) crispy fried and dipped in sugar syrup, served hot, special companion of Poha.

3) Khopra Patis:

This is the unique dish of Indore, made up of dry coconut with a covering of potatoes. Served hot with Sweet and tangy sauce.

4) Dal batti :


The dal batti churma although its famous Rajasthani dish, it has the equal importance in Indore. You can find the dedicated restaurants offering dal batti on weekends.

5) Lassi :


Lassi, as we all know is a pride of Punjab but has roots in Indore too. Fresh yoghurt blends with sugar and flavours.  Here you can find a multitude of flavours of lassi from kesaria to strawberry.

6) Malpuas:


A sweet dish made up of milk, mawa and sugar syrup is winter’s speciality of Indore.

7) Dahi vadas:


Vadas made of lentils are fried and then dunked into yoghurt. Served with a tamarind chutney and dash of species.

8) Sandwich:


In Indore, you find lots of option of sandwich in the menu, a plain veg sandwich stuffed with raw veggies to the sandwich team up with a whole lot of cheese and sev.

9) Bhutte ka Kees :


The speciality of Indore is made up of grated corn. Served hot with the garnishing of grated coconut and coriander leaves and lemon juice.     

10) Shikanji :


You might be thinking of summer cooler made up of lemon juice, but it has a different face in Indore.

“Yoghurt is blended with nuts and sugar. The different flavours you get here are badam, kesar, and mango and masala shikanji.”

11) Sarafa ke Parathe:


A wide range of Parathas is available here from usual aloo paratha to special cheese parathas.

12) Johny Hot Dog:


Soft and crunchy tikkis of aloo shallow fried on tawa and placed inside the bun, served with ketchup green chutney and onion.

13) Moong bhajiya:


Lentils balls are deep fried and served with fried chillies and green chutney.

14) Maggi:


No we are not talking about the noodle made in 2 minutes, as here the preparation time is little more. Served in 23 different styles. It is prepared with veggies or with a different seasoning of your choice from pizza topping to Chinese style or from Italian to kebab.

15) Sabudana khichdi :


Another speciality you will find on the streets of Indore is Sabudana Khichdi. Prepared with the sabudana soaked in overnight and then cooked over steam, served with the fariyali namkeen, lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. Here it is not restricted to upvas ka khana.

16) Kachories:


You must have tried the traditional Dal ki kachori or the aloo ki kachori, but here in Indore you will get lots of varieties of stuffing like pyaz ki kachori . matar ki kachori, bhutte ki kachori and fariyali kachories too.

17) Bina Tala Samosa:


Baked samosa is also available in different parts of country with the different names like veg puffs or patis. The speciality of Indore’s baked samosa is its serving technique, it is served by stuffing it with fresh chopped onions, tomato ketchup, and sev.

18) Pani puri :


Pani-puri is a favourite street food for food lovers, and is known with different names throughout India. Hollow puri stuffed with diced potatoes or boiled chick peas, dunked into tangy and spicy water (You can add tamarind chutney it’s optional).

19) Thali:


If you want to have complete meals don’t forget to try the sev tomato sabji. As Indore is famous for its namkeen this delicacy has an essence of it.

20) Paan:


A mouth freshener or a palate cleaner this is the main role we feel a paan has, but here in Indore, you will find lots of flavours including chocolate, butterscotch, ice paan, Etc.

Indore has lots to offer other than these as well, if you are a foodie you would definitely enjoy it and if you are not you will definitely become a foodie once you visit Indore. Make sure to try these at your next visit.


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