Shaadi Season will soon be here, amidst all the planning, visits to the local darzi are going to be plenty! For those of you who want to ditch the regulars this season and not invest in a boutique buy, we have a handpicked list of blouse styles for you to rock the Shaadi Season!

The nine yards is no longer a staple for the elderly, there are so many style permutations for a saree one can pick and totally make heads turn! If you have your heart set on the Banarasi silk beauties you can wear them with a touch of contemporary design, or if you are a classic Chiffon lover, you can pick stripes to compliment it. Unusual right? If you believe in unconventional styling, and a Saree is your pick for the Shaadi season, check out our recommendations :-

Velvet blouses  

Winters are setting in, and velvet is the way to go! Making a comeback from the 90’s, bold colored velvet is making its presence known on the fall 2017 season. Ditch the basic black and opt in for a bold blue, soft pink, or canary yellow. You can get a turtle neck or a full sleeved one; Either way it will look gorgeous!



Ruffles have been the hottest Summer trend already; Pair a well-placed ruffle instead of statement jewelry on a saree. Whether you opt for a bold ruffle on the neck, semi sheer blouse or a delicately layered one, ruffles can be done tastefully for every kind of saree.



A chunky homespun knit is definitely not a great idea to pair up with a saree, and which is why a Silk wrap is an excellent pick to carry to a Winter wedding! It not only looks sleek and warm, but also instantly adds charm to your ensemble.

Cold /off-shoulder 

 One of the most sought after Summer trend is dying a gradual death. Those of you who still love the style can go for off-shoulder blouses in endless combinations. Have a look!


Victorian Collars

Almost like turtle necks, Victorian collars are a raging Fall trend. Pair these up with zari, silk or jute on a not-too-abstract saree. Or get this pattern on a Silk blouse with embroidery and rock the look!


Suede capes

If heavy blouses are your thing, go with a plain chiffon saree and pair it up with a Suede cape; Olive greens, Browns, are unusual colors which will not only compliment your look but also keep you warm!



Go for an elegant winter look with a peplum style blouse, one which not only adds oodles of grace but also covers you up for the soon approaching cold wave! 


Images have been picked from pinterest & we do not hold any copyrights for the same.


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