Indore city has got millions of things that one can find interesting & at the same time you may find many things a little weird. For a visitor who is coming for the first time in this city, he/she will find a lot of strange things going around from food, lifestyle, people, nightlife etc. 

Here we have listed 5  things that visitors in Indore may find strange : 

1. Poha is Available Throughout the Day ? What ?

Indore is that city in India where an item that is actually meant for breakfast is also served as a snack all day long. It doesn’t matter for a  typical Indori whether its a day, noon or evening when its about POHA 🙂 This 24 hours of availability of poha raises questions at every visitors mind.


2. Bars are Inexpensive 

From half a decade or so, Indore has evolved as a party freak city. Along with the local ventures, here in Indore you will also find brand chains offering you a reasonably affordable services whether its food, drinks & cover-up charges. This fact is a real shocker specially when someone visits Indore from a metro city.


Source : F Bar , Indore

3. Why Ring Road is called Ring Road ?

Most of the times you will find people asking – Yaar Ye Ring Road Kaunsa Naam Hua ?? Mostly people from ohter cities come accross names like M.G. Road, A.B Road , Race Coruse Road, or roads named after individuals. But they find it a little strange when they hear about Ring Road. Basically this ring road is named so because its making a ring around the city.


Source : Google Maps

4. Whats Hao ?

If you are searching for the science behind the legendary word HAO – then you have to certainly think like an Indori from inside. This HAO is an indori version of HAAN, YES & OK with full blend of emotions & expressions that an Indori can deliver. This word Hao seems to be a strange to everyone outside Indore.


5. Sarafa Market is known for Jewelry .. Right ??

We would not be exaggerating if we say that Sarafa Market Indore is world famous for nightlife street food. But people who visit Indore wonder that sarafa is for jewelery .. Right ??

 Bhai Raat main tum Jewelery market kyun le hjaa rahe ho ?? 


If you visiting Indore or have visited Indore & found anything that is kind of starnge or weird, do share with us with the appropriate examples or incidences referring the same.


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