While the world is busy following water consumption methods, there are few weird ways that must have influenced Indorians. Here are 8 things Indore people MUST NEVER try to save water from home.

1. Growing the babaji’s beard and give away your shaving tools

You may rather cling to close the tap while shaving to minimize wastage of water and this could be the first step to save water from home.

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2. Don’t swear on tarzan’s style- do not give up bathing

 Bathing strictly with one bucket of water instead of long hours in the tub and not wasting water much of it just to rejuvenate your senses could be a better option to save water from home and manageable for everyday as well.

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3. Throwing away your washing machine- better don’t!

Instead switch to semi automatic washing machines. If that is a hard shot you may try saving the residual water and further consume it to clean bathrooms and toilets. However, if you have already made your mind to go manual, keep that running tap closed and contribute in saving water methods from home itself.

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4. One plate to Lunch and Dinner

What more may I say here than slurp well, slumber better. But instead of repeating your utensils to every meal opt washing them, just take notice at the running tap while you rinse them at home. Most of the domestic water wastage concludes from these daily activities.

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5. Grow cactus in your garden

If in Indore, no one would really look up to growing cactus in their garden when half of the city imitates a desert land. In that case choose to water your garden wisely. Do not leave pipes open for hours to thirsty plants. ideal use of sprinklers or personally watering may work as one of the best ways to save water at home.

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6. Awaiting rains for the next shower

Saving water at home may look a lot more than it is in real if this happen to be you modus operandus . Try spending less time under the shower while you imagine your favorite star there and switch back to bucket style in order to confirm saving water at your end.

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7. Give speeches amid streets to barbarians wasting water

Now that would be too obvious once you hit the road to plan water consumption from your home. Don’t just limit it to talking wise but acting wisely yourself and first implementing the methods of saving water from your home itself.

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8. Dehydrate yourself

Probably the last thing you may end up trying to save water. Remember, there is no camel hump behind us, so dehydrating yourself is a bozo’s way of water consumption. Instead practice considering water as precious as a 30 ml shot of vodka. Think thrice before you drain it down and fill your glass with only as much you need.

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If you have any other techniques or plans to save water from home that people in Indore must follow, please share it with us and we will add it to the list of 8 things Indore people MUST NEVER try to save water from home.


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