It’s the season of mango yellows and coconut whites.. Use them all up for dressing under the sunny bright sites! The minute we think of stepping out in the scorching heat, we start to gather our glares and hats, think what we can wear, how and how much. Here are some tips for doing the same :-

Soothe It



Combat the summer heat wearing attires made of natural fibers like khadi , jute, dhoti materials etc as they will keep you cool and comfortable.

Element of Air


Pair your shirts with airy culottes made of cotton, either plain colored or bearing prints of checks and stripes. They are just another flowy pants option for your summer wardrobe.

With some Flare 



Try  palazzos with tropical prints of leaves and flowers, birds and them up  with  crop tops , cotton capes .Capes  can work as a good cover up  over spaghettis in summers ..  kurties with paisley prints ,block colors  are great for Indian summers ! Pairing  them with wide bottoms, skirts you can enjoy both formal and casual look!

Shift it



Anti-fit shift dresses in yellows, fresh greens, whites can also be worn for this sweaty summer. You can have your dresses made in hand-woven textiles which are great sweat absorbents.

Happy Feet 



With the dresses set your feet free in colorful flip flops and denim sneakers , when you are not wearing them with your outfits wear them just to go to the pool or for a walk.

Be knotty



Be knotty- knot up your hair into buns and knot up your t-shirts and shirts too! Let the knot become the new hot!

Talking Locks and Hats 



You can also let your hair loose, set it with bob-pins, cover with a head wrap, and wear a straw hat or simply a beret!

Warmth of Shades



Glares with blue and green hues are a must to soothe your eyes. The frames can be big and bold for a holiday look!

Bare Minimum



Accessories minimally with a watch/ a bracelet, a trendy tote bag/sling bag and a pair of light weighted  tasseled earrings made of up cycled materials.

Let’s make these hot days bearable yet fun  by experimenting with comfy clothes, mixing and  matching , adding Indian jewelry pieces to western wear and vice –versa! So, Sit back, relax ,sip some water find your own style and  have a very fashionable summer!!

Story By – Garima Mehta


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