Right after the festivities and stubble burning, there were cities that were engulfed with polluted air and are still struggling for cleaner air. In order to avoid such a situation in Indore and take necessary precautions prior to hand, Indore is on its way to becoming a whole lot greener than ever before. Owing to the redevelopment and urbanization of most of the city, a lot of the forest area and the green cover, in general, have been cut down. Now, the Indore Smart City Development Ltd (ISCDL), which is the body behind the smart city makeover, is planning to increase the green cover all across Indore.

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Contrary to popular belief, the smart city project is not just all about building skyscrapers and covering every inch of the city in technology. It is also about building a sustainable place for Indoris, where they can live as they used to, just with a better quality of life.

The latest such development, which doesn’t involve constructing sky-high buildings is to increase the green area and make Indore, not just the cleanest city, but also the greenest one.

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Owing to the recent urbanization of Indore, a majority of the green cover has been lost. Now, the ISCDL is hard at work to give something back to the environment. They plan to plant trees in more congested and traffic-ridden areas, so as to help with the ever-increasing pollution issue in Indore.

Apart from that, they are also focusing on providing Indoris with better flora all across the city, which will contribute to improving air quality.

As for the newly planted trees, the ISCDL also has plans to install chips in them, so that they get an idea of the entire forest cover in Indore. With the help of this, they can monitor areas and the green cover, which should be beneficial if they wish to change anything in the future.

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With the recent news of new buildings and structures coming up in the city it seemed like all-natural life in Indore would take a hit. However, this development comes as a breath of fresh air, quite literally, and should herald an era of a more eco-friendly Indore.

As we read above about a new development in Indore towards being a Smart City. We have one more to offer you. Read our blog: NEWLY PROPOSED ROADS IN INDORE LIKELY TO TAKE THE CITY A STEP CLOSER TO BEING A SMART CITY! to know more


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