Megha Jain Madaan – A management student who followed her passion and became India’s top notch designer from Indore, has got many things that would inspire you and change the way you look at fashion and the efforts behind it. Having worked with India’s most eminent designers she has carved a niche in the fashion industry and speaks candidly about her passion and experiences.

We talked about Designer Megha Jain Madaan’s  journey so far..


Megha was a curious child when it came to sketching, designing her clothes and getting them stitched from her mother. To begin her journey, she took formal training at Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi. Her next step was working at Magnolia Blossoms, which made her more familiar with fashion techniques, their knowledge and application. She was actively involved in the making and launching of ‘Not So Serious‘ label by Pallavi Mohan. Megha later worked with designer Ritu Berri for a short period of time. Working with these well known, supreme designers helped her to understand international design aesthetics and operations of domestic markets.

In 2009 the couturier launched her own brainchild label ‘Abstract’ catering to young Indian women .

We asked about her ideologies….


Designer Megha Jain Madaan  is an experimentator and  an innovator, her designs are a amalgamation of embroidery patterns ,  vivid textures, showing intricate details. Her outfit silhouette are traditional Indian with drapes and twists of western patterns to them .Moreover, she keeps in mind symmetry of the garment but with some flow to it .She has a minimalistic yet edgy, contemporary and unconventional approach which reflects in the attires.

Do you have favorite methods and materials you work with?


She likes to play with different kinds of materials like chiffon, georgettes, silk, crepes etc. She loves the fluidity and softness of these textiles, her favorite style of pattern making ruching and tucking. Her fashion archery consists of beads, sequins of vivid shapes, sizes and colors to embellish the beautiful clothes she creates. Pastels to earthy fall in her spectrum of colors.

Words of wisdom that she shared with us for aspiring artists and designers….


Megha says, as young aspirants you must explore the ‘why’, make creative learning a process, not see it just as a product. Be realistic, look at the efforts gone behind the creations. The world of fashion is not just about glamour, it is also about practice, perfection and hard work!

Her latest collection :

Her latest collection was a tribute to her father called as The Lost world, it was featured at India Runway Week 2016, Delhi, also showcased at India Beach Fashion Week ,Goa.

You can own the outfits designed at Abstract from: Kimaya, Amara, Mogra in Mumbai  ,Aura in Nagpur,Raipur and Surat, V’hannah in Jaipur, Avakasa in Ahemdabad and  available online at


282 Saket, Behind Eureka Hospital, Indore


Story by Garima Mehta 


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