Watch Out For These Digital Shows In 2019!

    Digital shows have completely redefined television. While Indian shows have made quite an impact with their excellent scripts and far better production quality than usual, the best digital platforms have so much to offer in terms of content. We are talking about other countries producing good tv and giving us enough fodder to feed our weekend gossip sessions.

    These TV shows will make the rest of 2019 better. Read on!

    Dear White People (season 3)

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    Covering issues like casual racism and online bullying, this show follows a group of African American students who get into an Ivy League university mostly filled with white people.

    Release date: 2 August 2019

    Derry Girls (season 2)

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    Story of a girl in her teenage and her conflicts growing up as her adolescence years coincide with the Northern Ireland conflict reaching its peak. Set in the 90s, it follows the lives of teenagers.

    Release date: 2 August 2019

    Ad Vitam (season 1)

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    A Sci-fi thriller showing a world where medical technology prospered so much that humans got the way for being immortal. Its a story about a group of teenagers who commit suicide and a cop and a 20-year-old unite to get to know the reason behind it and solve the mystery.

    Release date: 2 August 2019

    Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Volume 4)

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    After dissecting the Indian Lok Sabha election and the corruption happening in cricket, Hasan Minhaj is back with another season. In every episode of the show, he takes on the ongoing issues and breaks it down to the bone in a comic manner with all the facts and figures. He will educate you without you even realizing it.

    Release date: 4 August 2019

    No Good Nick (part 2)

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    This show will remind you of the shows back in the 2000s. Nick, a teenage girl is seeking revenge from a family who she believed has ruined her. The twist is that nobody thinks the sweet little girl has got any evil intentions.

    Release date: 5 August 2019

    The Naked Director (Season 1)

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    It is a comedy-drama which tells the story of Toru Muranishi, the man who revolutionized the adult video industry in the 80’s. Youll probably like it more if you love watching Japanese content.

    Release date: 8 August 2019

    Wu Assassins (season 1)

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    Think of the matrix, but with Chinese American Ast. An amusing chef from San Francisco is chosen to be the Wu Assassin. He is to save China town, but to do so, he will have to kill his own father.

    Release date: 8 August 2019

    Glow (season 3)

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    Based in the 80s the show follows a group of women who are a part of the wrestling organization in LA. The 3rd season takes a deeper look into the personal and professional lives of these women as they come to terms with the possibility of their show shutting down.

    Release date: 9 August 2019

    Sacred Games (Season 2)

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    In the previous season we saw that before killing himself, Ganesh Gaitonde tells his life story to a cop, Sartaj Singh, to try and have him save the city before doom strikes. This season will unfold the mystery and tell more about Guruji, who seems to be the man behind destruction. New characters in the story are introduced played by Kalki Koechlin, Pankaj Tripathi, and Ranvir Shorey.

    Release date: 15 Aug 2019

    Amazon Prime Shows

    This is Football (season 1)

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    For all the Football lovers out there for whom the game is as sacred as a religion, this is for you. This docuseries will show stories from across the globe that tell football unifying the people. Everything from the sport’s role in rebuilding Rwanda after the genocide to the rise of women’s football will be covered.

    Release date: 2 Aug 2019

    Carnival Row

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    Starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom, Carnival Row is the story of a human detective and a fairy rekindling their affair in a Victorian fantasy world. However, the city’s peace is destroyed by several murders by a monster.

    Release date: 30 Aug 2019

    Hotstar TV

    A Black Lady Sketch Show

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    Get some laughs as the cast of hilarious black women who do their own sketches based on sex, dating, religion and social norms. Watch out for Laverne Cox and Quinta Brunson.

    Release date: 3 Aug 2019

    Killing Eye

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    The Emmy nominated show is a British spy thriller that has EvePolastri, an investigation officer with the intelligence who is to catch a psychotic assassin Villanelle. But as the chase progresses, both become obsessed with each other.

    Release date: 9 Aug 2019


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    The story is focused on Roy family’s internal dispute to occupy the controlling seat of the family’s owned global media empire as the family’s patriarch, Logan Roy’s health deteriorates.

    Release date: 12 August 2019

    Ballers (Season 5)

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    Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, this comedy-drama show is a story of a retired NFL player who after the sports career is trying to find ways of life as a financial manager of other NFL players.

    Release date: 26 Aug 2019

    The Affair (season 5)

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    A waitress and a struggling novelist enter in an extramarital affair that changes the course of both their lives. The fifth season is based 20 years ahead of the last season which is concluded by showing the end result of both the characters’ choices and the decision of coming terms with it.

    Release Date: 26 Aug 2019

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