Music needs no introduction it runs in every vein and heart. Everyone knows how to step up to the tunes but very few can make you dance to their own. Indore HD had a talk with one such rising artist from Indore about traversing and recreating music-DJ Syrah!

In no time DJ Syrah has been the talk of DJ fraternity nationwide with some exceptionally good music, sizzling performances and great entertainment. With many featured tracks on Radio Mirchi and millions of YouTube hits Syrah’s music compositions are proving to be addictive!

We Asked Syrah about herself & her relationship with music…


She shared, she was born and brought up in Indore, as a young girl Syrah loved singing. She had a playful yet intense relation with music from the core of her heart. In her early years at school and college she participated in bands, various competitions, won several prizes and was a member of music composer team at the college.

An absolute artist and a majestic performer, she started her career as a news anchor in 2010. She did voice overs for a few theatrical advertisements and also participated in ‘Colgate MaxFreshAntakshari’ contest hosted by Annu Kapoor on Star One channel. A qualified software engineer; she also worked as a professor in an Engineering & Management College for two years.

After a rigorous practice her career as a DJ started on June 3rd 2016 in Indore. There after she fell in love with music like never before! Now she trots the globe with her tunes…

Which genre of music do you like to play ?

To this she responded, that she likes a wide range of music genres like Commercial house, Trance, Deep house, Tech house,  Dub step,  Progressive house etc, but she loves to play Bollywood and Commercial English Tracks !! People are on their toes when she plays , Punjabi and retro tracks.

What or who influenced or inspired you to become a DJ?


Her community, roots, family and friends have been her greatest support for making her into who she is today. Moreover, DJ Juicy.M, DJ Smita and DJ Angel are her inspiration and all time favorite music explorers. She is creating her own path looking up to her role models, experimenting and recreating more music each day!

Tell us about the equipments and techniques you use 


Consoles and audio mixers are the supporting actors of a DJ’s work life she says, these equipments provide a base for creative experimentation and learning. She uses Pioneer Nexus 2000 and 900 djm audio mixers. Her inclination towards using new technology and learning the intricacies and handling of the same is high. She selects every track carefully, mixes them keeping in mind the beats per minute and does micing to interact with the crowd personally!

We Requested her to share a few words of wisdom for aspiring DJ’s and the society..


She shared her personal experience by telling us that, being a DJ needs continuous practice, and lot of hard work with research. Youngsters should abide by work ethics, especially female DJ’s. As it’s easy to get work for women in this field, they should not misuse the opportunity.

Nightlife is what we all enjoy, as DJ’s we work at odd hours; we need to keep in mind our outer persona, dressing sense, sense of interaction and safety.

We make music every day and so, it’s important to document our works. She adds, that we need to be artists, not just people who enjoy music. It’s essential that we make videos, take photographs, take support of social media and other marketing tools for highlighting and showcasing our works globally.

While you play between a crowd of thousands never forget to enjoy because only if you enjoy as a DJ then the world will enjoy with you!

Her journey so far…


Syrah has played her music and made people dance with joy at various clubs, public events & private gigs. Her journey so far has been supported by :-Cocktails, Hyderabad

Sound and Spirits ,Hyderabad

Liquids, Hyderabad

Troy, Hyderabad

Club XS,Indore

Level 3,Indore

On the Rocks,Indore

Sky BLU Sports Bar, Indore

The Sugar Factory, Bengaluru

Big Pitcher, Bengaluru

The Westin Willows, Chennai

WTF Café, Jaipur

Duplay ,Jaipur

Liquids, Hyderabad

Radisson Blu, Nagpur

TDS, Raipur

Boudoir ,Kolkata

She wishes to take her music to every part and every heart of the world! Her bollywood bootleg album ” BOLLYWOOD FOREVER” is highly appreciated by senior DJ’s and the tracks are the part of their playing sets. This album also happens to be the most downloaded album of DJ Syrah globally. 

Download her popular bollywood albums :



You can socialize with DJ Syrah

DJ SYRAH Facebook Page

DJ SYRAH Instagram Handle

DJ SYRAH Youtube Channel 


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