If you are someone who wakes up 15 minutes before work and hurries themselves to office, you can literally make yourself some breakfast in a jiffy. This will keep you happier through the day, you will feel less lethargic, and it is an excellent way to keep your weight in check and keep yourself healthy in the long run!

Or, if you reach back home and order something to quickly gobble, think again! The work is risking your health in multiple ways. More talk on that later, ahem! These simple food options can be whipped up quickly and can be integrated as your breakfast or quick meal after office.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole wheat pastas are easily available these days! Pick a packet from the supermarket, boil it in water. Add vegetables of your choice; carrots, broccoli, add pepper, and if you have any kind of seasoning with you, add that too. If you are okay with eating cheese, buy yourself some mozzarella and just grate it on top to make the dish all the more delicious and filling!

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Vegetable Pulao

Skip the dal khichdi this time to make yourself some quick vegetable pulao. This can also be your comfort food whenever you feel homesick! Saute some fresh vegetables of your choice, You can include onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower or even mushrooms if you like. Add in ghee and spices as per taste. This piping hot vegetable pulao can be enjoyed with some fresh curd and papad.

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Scrambled Egg Rice

Even if you don’t know how to cook, scrambled egg rice is an easy peasy dish! Take a wok or kadhai to scramble your eggs, add cooked rice to it. You can include spring onions, peas, soy sauce, and voila! Easy, ain’t it? No time, no problem! If you eat eggs, this is a winner food choice for a quick breakfast.

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Sprouts Salad

This is downright the tastiest & easiest dish on the list. True, it requires a little bit of prep, but oh, it’s worth it! Add some chopped tomatoes, cilantro, cucumber & sprouts to prepare this hearty and filling salad. Add some chilies and a dash of lemons for the extra flavor.

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Rava Dosa

The smell of this warm and paper-thin dosa will kick start your day. This South Indian breakfast classic is easy to put together and a treat to wake up to dosa.

Rava Paper-thin dosas made with semolina or sooji.

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Dal fry, suji, mustard seeds, and cumin is all it takes to whip up a hot plate of upma. This traditional South Indian breakfast delight should be drizzled with lime juice and served with fresh coconut chutney or lime pickle. Upma light, tangy and delicious!

Upma is an easy and quick dish to prepare.


Sprouts Jalfrezi

Abundant in Vitamin C and Vitamin K, these under appreciated vegetables now get a delicious makeover. Enjoy the taste of jalfrezi with moong sprouts.

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Steamed Dhokla

If you’re looking for something to bite into without having to count your calories, then try this eclectic mix of gram flour, turmeric, fruit salt and a pinch of sugar, steamed and topped with a sputtering tadka. Serve up the traditional taste of Gujarat in just 25 minutes!

A recipe that is steamed and made in just 30 minutes, using besan with a colorful, chili tempering.

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Aloo Paratha

Soft dough stuffed with the spicy filling of mashed potatoes with coriander, chilies and other spices and then rolled out into big round parathas. It tastes best with a dollop of butter!

Aloo paratha- The classic North Indian breakfast!

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Oats Idli

These oat idlis are low on carbs. Stuffed with carrots its is a favorite for people of all age groups. It is also a good way to include oats in your diet which is nutrient-rich and helps you stay slim.

oats idliOats being rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins give this dish a high nutritive value without compromising on the delicious taste​.

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Bread Poha

With almost no special ingredients, this quick recipe is a treat for those out of options. Pick up that boring loaf of bread and add some peanuts, chili, peas and garnish with lemon for taste.

bread easy to make, bread poha is one of the easiest breakfast dishes you can prepare in a jiffy!

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Bajre ka Thepla

This Gujarati delicacy is probably the easiest to make and a good alternative to those who find stuffed parathas’ too heavy for their liking.

bajre ka thepla, an easy to make Gujarati bread that you can pack for picnics and tiffin too.

bajre ka thepla
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What look like thick pancakes, are a tasty South Indian delicacy prepared made with the batter of rice, dhuli urad dal, and fenugreek seeds.

Uttapam a south Indian savory pancake that is light, fluffy yet filling for a breakfast meal.

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Grilled Veg Pesto Sandwich

Healthy, filling and delicious! This pesto veg sandwich is a delight that has all the ingredients to keep you going for long. You can serve this sandwich to kids and adults alike as a breakfast option or an evening snack. It can also be packed in your kid’s tiffin.

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Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes- It’s a common belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Parents and doctors have always advised us to have ‘breakfast like a king’, and for good reason. It’s a great way to get nutrients that propel your metabolism and keep you energized throughout the day. However, to reap the benefits of a good morning meal, it is imperative to start healthy.

Researchers have shown that a good breakfast not only keeps a person healthy but can also help with weight loss. Skipping breakfast translates to binge eating throughout the day which could be harmful. So, work up that appetite and prepare yourself for some delicious breakfast. For those who find themselves worrying about “what to eat for breakfast?” every morning, we’ve put together a list of veg breakfast options that will leave you with more time to eat, think and process.

Learn some more recipes for a quick and healthy breakfast, here


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