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Valentine’s Day for Singles : How to fall in love with your own company!

Valentine’s Day for Singles sounds depressing? Wait till you read our super peppy list on how to have fun on the most depressing day for singles!

Valentine’s Day is not far and if you have a friend in your group who is superbly dedicated to his girlfriend, or a Girl to her boyfriend, then you might have seen them going bonkers to plan something that is totally going to knock off the socks off their partner. But wait; what about all the singles out there who don’t have someone to look forward to and make plans? Well, don’t get disappointed!

Thanks to the way this society works, we have grown up with specific set of notions in our mind that forces us to follow paths that have been taken by our generations for decades. No, we are not advocating that relationships and marriages are bad for health, but what we are simply trying to put down here is the fact that you don’t have to be in one, just because everyone else is in the same. Read on!

Go For A Long Drive With Your Favourite Tracks

Nothing clears up a mind as a long drive / ride does. If you are a biker, just go for a long drive, probably to Omkareshwar or Maheshwar and sit in the ghats and listen to stories the waves of Narmada have for you. Spending some alone time is really important at times as it gives you a deeper understanding about yourself and helps you to get in tune with your soul. For the cars lovers out there, taking a long drive on Bypass or MR 10 with your favourite tracks belting out of speakers is sure to make your day special!


Pick The Most Amazing Coffee Shop In Town And Head There!

Having a cup of freshly brewed coffee on Valentine’s Day while reading your favourite book at the cafe of your choice might be the best gift you could serve yourself. Many people have this certain fear of spending time alone with them and that keeps them away from living it. Trust us, once you start to take yourself to cafes and spend time, you will always look forward to do the same!


Enjoy Single memes

Tagging your bestie in the lamest memes on the internet is an everyday affair (giggles), why not take a full day to gawk at Single-people-memes, written by all single foktaas, cherishing single life over a committed one, with responsibilities handed out in bulk! Ugh!


Enjoy a pyjama party with your bestie  

Missing out on all the chilling out with your bestie and all the good times you’ve had while in school? In between all the adulting, we seem to have forgotten how to chill in your pyjamas, with popcorn and your favourite movie. What if you use this day to enjoy a night-out instead of spending fancy in a high-end restaurant with someone you might not even end up marrying!


Buy yourself a cake, and eat it by yourself

How often do you crave sweet desserts at the end of the day, and end up whining about your weight! Use this Valentine’s as your cheat day. Buy yourself your favourite corner, pick a bing (TV series or a movie trail), and relish your newly found love, i.e – yourself! 



Relish your childhood ‘flame’

Remember spending hours giggling away at the back of your classroom, while slashing away your crush’s name against yours and finding the compatibility percentage? Ha-Ha all of us 90’s kids are guilty of doing this! Well, pick up the phone and get chatty with your school’s bench partner (who’s probably your best-friend now), and get rollin’ down the memory lane!  Laugh it out, reminisce your school days.   


To all the singles out there; Valentine’s Day for Singles can be fun too! Enjoy your own company this Valentine’s Day and be proud of it!


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