Deprived of enough funds to kick start the restoration band conservation work of Gandhi Hall building, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) authorities have decided to put the aforementioned work under the Smart City initiative.

The project was earlier managed by IMC management but due to delay, officials decided to take up the project under smart city initiative. The agency which was carrying out the work complained about the hold-up in release of payment. In response to this, IMC  officials cited that the project was taken up to ensure that the project meets its on-time schedule and that no further delay takes place.

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The IMC commissioner, Asheesh Singh stated that they have included the project under Smart City initiative due to limited funds available with IMC management. He further added that there are adequate funds under the Smart City project to bear the expenditure of the restoration projects.

As far as the restoration and conservation work of Gandhi Hall is concerned, the work  began in February last year. And so far, only 40 per cent of the work has been completed.

Gandhi hall restoration project Indore- IndoreHD

While plastering of roof and terrace, and refurbishment of doors and windows is completed, work on ceiling, flooring of the main hall, Kota stone in the corridors, changing the damaged pillars and final touch-up are remaining apart from the electrification of the hall and the vicinity.

Official sources said that the project was to be completed by April 2019. The agency engaged in the project had also stopped its work on two occasions, owing to delay in the release of its payment. They further mentioned that the projects especially those taken up under Swachh Bharat Mission were given priority, and this ultimately led to delay in other important projects including conservation and restoration of Gandhi Hall those were taken up by IMC management.

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The project’s cost was estimated to be around Rs15 crore. Over Rs 6 crore were to be used for the restoration work, and Rs 9 crore was allocated for the beautification of the vicinity.

We look forward to how the renovation of the Gandhi Hall will shape up!

Indore Gandhi Hall

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