In order to take a notch towards taking Swachh drive a step further, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has now started beautifying the community and public toilets across the city with art and picture work. As a part of this initiative, along with walls, bridges and other public spaces, toilets, too will be beautified for the upcoming Swachhata Survekshan 2020.

Seven private agencies have been entrusted to carry out the beautification work in which as many as 334 public and 448 community toilets especially those located near major roads of city would be beautified with 3D art and paintwork The toilets in Aerodrome Road, Ahir Khedi, Hawa Bangla, Pipliyahana, and Gopur Square areas will also be beautified.

beautifying Indore community toilets- IndoreHD

As far as the commencement of work is concerned, the work had been proposed to be completed within a week ahead of an upcoming visit by a team from the Centre for ODF ++ rating. The team has already submitted self-declaration for the re-certification of the ODF++ title.

Indore community toilets- IndoreHD

Indore is on a mission of not leaving any stone untouched. As we read above about the colorful community toilets in Indore, similarly Indore has also been working on making the IndoreRailway Station the most beautiful station in India. Read to know more, here


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