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No emergency could be worse than a medical emergency. Find out helpline numbers of Medical Shops in Indore that are open 24 hours a day and get medical help | first aid | medicines all day from the chemist near you on Indore HD and feel safe and healthy always.


Get help from the nearest police station in your locality. Find Helpline numbers from Police Stations of every area of Indore and feel safe with Indore HD. We have individual police stations listed as per the location and are that would make it lot more easy for you to find them over the portal on the map.

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Fire-Stations-In-Indore-indoreHDFIRE STATION

Get help from the nearest fire station in case of emergency and find all important Helpline numbers from fire stations of Indore at Indore HD. The direct link to the fire station at the portal is on the top of the page that makes it very easy for you to locate the numbers in case of emergency.

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Get help line number for ambulance | medical help | first aid in case of accidents and other medical emergency in Indore with Indore HD. We have not only the number listed for the government ambulances, but we also have numbers of all the private ambulance providers on the portal as well.

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indore-blood-banks-donation-indoreHDBLOOD BANKS

Get help from the nearest blood back in Indore. Find Helpline numbers from blood banks in case of emergency in Indore and feel safe with Indore HD. We have listed the major blood banks on our portal complete with their numbers and locations that make it very easy for someone to locate them in case of blood requirement.

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women-helpline-indorehdWOMEN HELPLINE

Get women helpline number in Indore for ladies and young girls and be safe and secure at all time with Indore HD. Get the main numbers and helpline right on one tap at the portal to get yourself help at the right time. We at Indore HD know the importance of help and thus have designed the page in order to make it easy for anyone looking for help.

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indore-mpeb-indoreHDMPEB HELPLINE

Get Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board or MPEB help line number in case of emergency or electricity issues in Indore with Indore HD. We have the numbers listed of all the major electricity grids of Indore where you will get an immediate help in case of power down in your locality or area.

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Indore-24-Hours-Medical-Shops124 HOURS OPEN MEDICAL SHOPS

Get helpline numbers of medical shops in Indore open 24 hours a day with Indore HD and get first aid and medical help in case of emergency. We have you covered when you are looking for shops that are open at wee hours in the morning as well!

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