It goes without saying that the city has set a benchmark in cleanliness and it is now gearing up to tackle noise pollution with regular and live monitoring of noise levels.

Regional Pollution Control Board in collaboration with traffic police have identified 20 noisiest areas in the city that will be monitored regularly to keep a tab on noise levels.

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Regional PCB’s chief chemist and lab head, Dr. DK Wagela stated that how they have prepared an action plan to keep a check on noise levels, causes and different ways to control it and keep it checked. He also talked about a  tentative list of areas which have been prepared in consultation with the traffic police.

Whilst air pollution has been a matter of great concern for the past few months, noise pollution is equally deadly. Experts said that regular exposure in an environment with over 70 dB noise may cause high blood pressure, mental stress and lack of sleep while noise levels above 85 dB may cause hearing disability while subject to over 90 dB may lead to damage to ears.

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So far being ignorant towards the environment has been like a norm otherwise why would noise levels have been recorded regularly in the city?! So far,  occasional readings are collected by PCB but with rising noise levels and related health ailments, measures are being taken to chalk out plans to reduce noise in the city.

Efforts are being made to have noise mapping of the city on a regular basis to strengthen monitoring, said officials from the Pollution Control Board.

Pollution Control Board has written to the Regional Transport Office and traffic police to ensure strict implementation of noise norms and action against users of pressure horns.

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Gunwant Joshi, in charge of Central Laboratory at MP Pollution Control Board, said that pollution is going to become a major threat in the country if not dealt with sincerely. Despite having serious health hazardous, noise is not considered as pollution. He leads emphasis on how it is the need of the hour to strictly implement, follow and monitor the norms.

Experts said, items creating loud noise such as horn-type loudspeakers, pressure horns and old vehicles that emit a lot of pollution and create sound, among others, should be banned.

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