No matter where you look, you will see the city on a spree of development. Of all the developments the city has experienced and is envisioning, one of them is the new traffic management owing to which the way you travel in Indore is going to be changed completely!

As part of the plan to out and out revamp Indore’s traffic system, two private players have come forward to change the way people travel in the city. They’re going to install new and revamped traffic management systems which will completely streamline the way that we travel. Apart from just that, they also aim to redo the traffic signals, which have been deemed redundant as of now.

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What’s Happening?

As part of the traffic management system, one can expect a slew of new additions to the city. Of the major additions to the city’s traffic management system, the ATSCS (Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System), Red Light Violation and Speed Violation systems are the new ones. The ATSCS is a technology that uses radars to eases out congestion at crossroads and other congested places in the city.

The other two, traffic light and speed violations are especially beneficial for catching wrongdoers and rule-breakers. These technologies help people follow traffic rules and the police to catch those that flout them. Using a series of cameras and speed traps, the technology can identify violators and send them e-challans. These are set to be installed in high traffic areas and places with flyovers and highways.

ATSCS- Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System- IndoreHD
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Finally, there will be an addition of over 200 CCTV cameras all across the city. These will not only help keep a watch on traffic but also on the daily city activities.

With Indore’s constantly developing cityscape, it can be easy to get lost in the ever-expanding sphere of the city. Once the new developments are complete, the city will go on the fast track to becoming more developed than ever before.

ATSCS- Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System- IndoreHD
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