Fundamentally Indore is equal to Food.

Well, wait. That’s something you already know. So what we are gonna tell you special here today? The truth of the matter is, even if you decide to roam in the city after taking a pledge that you are gonna try every bit of specialty of food Indore has on offer, We could still bet my black hair that you ain’t gonna tick all the boxes of food that this city has in store for you.

So, this brings us to one of ‘THE’ delicacies of Indore – Kachori! See, boss; if you have eaten a Kachori from any other part of India and brag that you have eaten the ‘best’, you need to rephrase that sentence you just uttered. Indori Kachori is the best you’re gonna have. Period.

So What Makes Indori Kachori The Best?


We have that certain Indori taste swag and if you are going to add up ‘Indore’ or ‘Indori’ to any food dish, it is automatically going to make it a lot more tasty and yummy. Indori Kachori has just the right blend of spices, and is soft from the inner crust while hard from outside that provides it with an ideal layering and its eaters an ideal eatery. ( THE KARKARA EFFECT)

What Makes It Complete?


Noticed that bowl of green and red liquid right next to the bundle of freshly made Kachoris? Well, those ‘Chutneys’ are the backbone of that amazing taste you are going to relish from the first bite, till you are left with an empty hands filled with the crumps of Kachori. Not a spoon more, not a spoon less, but just the right amount of chutney- green and red, ranks it on perfect taste in Indore, as compared to other cities preparations.

Types That You Must Try?


‘Daal ki’ and ‘Aaloo ki’. These are the ones that you must have had tasted in other states, but as we already cleared at the start of the article that this is Indore and the moment this name gets added up to anything that falls under the category of food, you instantly get more choices and an added taste. So, you have potato, peas(matar), and even corn(bhutte) here to make stuffing inside a Kachori and a lot more options than you could possibly think of.

Any Toppings / Combinations That You Must Be Aware Of?

Yes! Sev and Dahi are the basic toppings that complete the taste of Kachori. You could also try the combinations like:

  • Kachori with Cold Paratha – Awesome!

  • Kachori with Maggi – Yummy!

  • Kachori with Khichdi – Try it and let us have your reaction here.

So, now that you know why Indore Kachori is the best, it’s time to try all the types and combos that we have just suggested.


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