What is the most basic thing that people require in every household? Cleaning of their clothes. Thanks to the hectic schedule and lives of people, they don’t have enough time to wash their clothes on time and later get them ironed as per their liking. For most of the people who are in lookout for good washing options and Dhobis in their areas, they either end up getting bad service, or they don’t get their clothes delivered on time.


Keeping all the laundry related problems of common people in mind, we came up with the concept of Iron Man after researching for more than 6 years. When we had this idea of door step laundry services, it was based on two of the most important fundamentals.

  1. To deliver above the market standards.
  2. To deliver on time and with best packaging and rates

Iron Man – Business With Assistance To Local Dhobis


The idea was not only created to do business, but we have designed a whole new business from ground up so that it also uplifts small dhobis. To manage the concept in the best possible way, Iron Man has a depot in each of the specified area. This depot is managed by a dhobi, who is of that area and knows the place well, and is appointed on an additional salary. We have provided them with better quality of iron and have taught them better and efficient ways of cleaning that helps them deliver above the market standards. Our USP is specially designed packaging that allows the clothes to retain the ironing and it doesn’t spoil them when they are delivered to your doorstep. The creases on your garments are intact for a longer period of time. With us, you can be sure of getting the best laundry services in Indore.

There are separate yards to take care of the order that are related to Laundry, Caustic Cleaning and Dry Cleaning and every of the orders received are processed at individual yards and are maintained by Industry’s specialists (Karigars) with the help of Iron Man.

Personalized Service and Environmental Care


To add up to the conservation of the environment, each of the processes at Iron Man is paper free. We understand the conservation of trees and thus we have taken our business in a completely digital way, where the details of the orders send by customers are replied via SMS and Emails. You can give us orders over phone or WhatsApp and we also have our dedicated Application under development that will soon be available on Android and IOS. We have also come up with additional reward system and discounts to give our esteemed customers additional benefits.

Social Cause: Helping Who Are In Need


Like we have already mentioned, we are looking more than just doing the business and we believe that every business must have a social cause to it. Each of our delivery boys carries a white colored bag with him and if you have any piece of garment or clothing lying in your house that is no longer used or worn, we urge you can donate the same to us. We are closely working with NGOs that take care of the homeless and needy and we will personally ensure that all the clothes that are handed by you in that white bag get delivered to the ones who need them the most.

Setting The Trend of Digital Dhobis in Indore


Want to Try their Service ? 

Customers can place order Direct –  0731-4065855, 9111000314, 9111000315 & they can also whatsapp the pickup time on 9111000316.
For any query or complaint, you can also contact customer care at 9111000317. Customer can schedule pickup through website also (CLICK HERE ).

Socialize With Iron Man

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/getironmanlaundry/
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/getironmanlaundry/



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