Are you bored of the shopping scene in Indore, where you have limited options? Are you looking out for designer dresses and accessories, which set you apart from the Indori crowd? Are you looking out for dresses from big designers? Do you want a collection in your wardrobe, that lets you brag about while keeping it all light at your pocket?

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen and all the fashion aficionados, Indore has a new designer destination – Gotraa. Incepted with an idea to give you the best of designer and clothing, this store is going to redefine the way dresses and accessories were linked to the fashion world. If you are someone, who always headed to bigger cities to shop for parties or weddings, you can keep a hold on that thought and just go straight to Gotraa instead.


The entire interior of Gotraa is a beautiful amalgamation of antique subtle touches with a certain hint of modernity. Every room is artistically connected with each other that take you as a flow while you walk in the store, taking a look at the entire collection. Words cannot describe the way we have created the look of the store and it is best experienced when you actually take a stroll inside.


So what sets apart Gotraa from rest of the scarce fashion stores in Indore? Gotraa multi-designer store is an idea that was worked upon, keeping in mind the needs and taste of Indori people. Here, you are going to find the dresses and collection as per your taste and you are going to find a lot many things that are sure to tickle your fashion sense. Here is what set the Gotraa apart.

Designer Names


Tired of heading to cities like Delhi and Mumbai every time you have to shop for something exclusive? Well, that is going to change as Gotraa has brought some of the very big and recognized names in the fashion world right at your own city. It is the first, one of its kind, Multi-designer Boutique Indore that has collections from Vikram Phadnis, Shruti Sancheti, Sawan Gandhi, Babita Malkani, Jai Mishra, Agnimitra Paul, Pooja Rawal, and the likes. One thing is for sure; no other fashion store in Indore gives you so many designer names, all at one place.

Quality Meets Substance


There are times when you get the dresses with a style that you have always wanted, but you fail to get the quality that you are looking for. Similarly, there are times when you get very high quality material, but you don’t get it in a style that you are hunting for. This is a kind of dilemma, most of the fashion starved people face in Indore. At Gotraa Indore, they have things that will surprise you to the core. Here, you have material that is of very high quality and you also have it in a shape and style that you have always hunted for. Any designer item that you are going to pick from Gotraa comes with an assurance of quality and the moment you slip yourself in one of their dresses, it hugs you with a promise that it is going to last you really long.

Exclusivity and Affordability


Wearing exclusive dresses might be within your reach at your very own city now, as Gotraa has bridged the gap between big names and affordability. People who always thought of wearing dresses of big designer names can finally live their dreams, as Gotraa store brings you exclusive collection at very competitive rates, when you are going to compare it with the Metro cities. Gotraa offers you latest trends in international as well as Indian fashion scene, in an environment of thought-out design that has been laid with style, exclusively handpicked after doing a thorough research.

Collection For Both Men and Women


Now, you don’t have to go at two separate places looking to find designer labels for you and partner. Gotraa offers you the best of fashion for both Men and Women under one roof. There isn’t another retailer or a fashion store in Indore that offers the same level of trendy fashion for both sexes with the kind elegance and sophistication Gotraa has on offer. Once you are going to step inside the store, you can be sure to see yourself stepping out of it with packets in both your hands.

Defining The Fashion Segment


This careful blend of collection is a result of years of experience and a sense for the taste of fashion of Ms. Sagarika Sharma, who believes to keep the collection updated, while keeping the elegance and beauty of the dresses intact. She believes that whatever you wear must be able to define your sense and outlook towards your taste in fashion and Gotraa’s designs and colour direction are always a cut above the rest, but without burning a hole in your wallet.

Ethnic and Chic


Too often, people have a doubt on a particular store that it won’t be serving them the right blend or the best of both the worlds. There are times when you want your dress pick to be chic in style and exude the beauty of ethnic charm. Men might have choices to play with but when it comes to women, they want their dresses to be very specific and as per their taste. Thanks to the attention to detail and picking the best craftsmanship, Gotraa is able to serve you the best amalgamation of Ethnic style with the right blend of fashion.

To find out more about the details, location etc. about Gotraa- A Multi Designer Store – Click Here 


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