In order to curb traffic congestion, road accidents and jams across the country, Indore police will soon introduce a slew of measures to provide relief to the citizens. In a meeting held on Tuesday, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Indore Vivek Sharma made this announcement in order to keep a check on traffic. 

As per the plan, more roads will be brought under one-way traffic ambit and the department will run extensive campaigns to create awareness among citizens.

Laws and policies can be decided by the administration but it is the citizens who can provide a good outcome by implementing it and Indore’s cleanest city title is an epitome of that.  In the same way, if a sense of discipline is developed among motorists for following traffic rules, then we would not need a traffic warden or cop to be present at a junction to manage traffic. Also, by addressing road engineering related issues especially at busy junctions and squares in the city, traffic can be controlled to a great extent. 

A Rs 100cr Revenue for IMC from Tax for Diverted Land

An annual revenue target of Rs 1161cr was set by the state government. In order to meet that target of Rs 1161 cr, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is now targeting at least Rs 100cr from owners of diverted lands. These diverted lands will be from those 29  villages that were included within municipal limits of Indore.

In the interest of achieving the target, the corporation has issued a public notice with an instruction to the diverted landowners to get their property registered with IMC and pay due to property tax.

Officials said that the number of such diverted lands amount to 1000  in which accounts have yet not been opened.

A survey of 29 villages was conducted in which it was found out that each of these villages had at least 30-40 diverted lands of which information is not available in IMC’s record. 

Apart from public notice, individual notices have also been sent to each of the identified plot owners instructing them to pay property tax of their respective land from 2014-15 – the year, when their property was included within municipal limits of Indore. Furthermore, the cap of 15 days to clear their dues have been assigned to them. 

The corporation has so far collected around Rs280 crore as property tax and this action is seen as part of an ongoing recovery drive of the corporation to achieve a target of Rs1161 crore set by the state government.

The civic body has also launched a drive to identify power grids set up by Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd (MPPKVVCL) in 29 villages. Officials found that there are no records of some of the grids set up on public space and discom was not paying tax against the land on which grids have been installed.

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