Thanks to the hectic lifestyle most of us are leaving, we glorify ourselves by telling people we are too ‘busy’ to do things and in the process, we end up ignoring the biggest pillars in our lives – Our Parents. Our respective jobs are making us irritated and frustrated and our parents take direct toll whenever we are consumed so much into our materialistic lives. Don’t you think that we must spare time once a week in order to spend time with our parents, taking them to places that would make them happy? Well, Indore HD is always here to help and here are the top places to take your parents to!

Waterfalls or Forests

Indore is the only place in central India that has so many waterfalls and if you haven’t covered all of them, then you are missing something really big. See, we are a generation who are neck deep into technology, but our parents still enjoy things that are old school. They enjoy Greenery, Peace, Serenity, Nature, and Calmness and thankfully, Indore has tonnes of choices. So this weekend, zero in a place that offers all of this and head straight to it. We also have many articles on the nearby places in Indore that can be explored in a day and if you have any problem deciding, then you can always check Indore HD and mark your destination!


Image : Bharat Baswani 

Religious Places

Ujjain, Dewas Tekri, Omkareshwar, and Maheshwar are four of the major places around Indore where your parents will definitely love to go! We know that they might be spending some of the days of a week visiting temples around Indore but these places are a must go! The biggest advantage that you have with these places is the long drive you get and it sort of makes it a picnic as well!



Historical Places

Mandav undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to the historical places around Indore. The place has so much on offer that your parents will be in for a visual treat! Another advantage that you have with the place is the newness it has, no matter how many times you have visited the place, it always hugs you with a different vibe and warmth, and you end up exploring new that you might have missed in your last visit. If you are planning for a long weekend, then you could also head straight to Sanchi or Bhimbedka Rock Shelters near Bhopal.



Leisure Places

Hanumantiya, Flames of the Forest and Crescent Water Park are three of the most sought after places when it comes to spending leisure time with your family. Our parents also love a place that has this cool and relaxed vibe to it and these places are the perfect destinations, if you want to wind up and do nothing but relax yourselves. They have amazing rooms on offer with yummy restaurants serving you all sorts of dishes that your parents would love to have. They also throw in luxurious sitting where your parents can just relax and have fun. Do make sure that you book at least 2-3 days of stay here with your parents!


Well, these were some of the best options to take your parents to for the weekend. If you think you have a place in your mind that would make any parent happy, then please share the name, and address at the comment section to let other know! Pour in ideas and suggestions to make us our feed tuned as per the way you guys love it!


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