Each vegetable has its own season, you will find variety of veggies in winter season and very limited veggies in summers and monsoon. with each season it has its own benefits so does monsoon. Monsoon serve us with wonderful greenery, cold breeze, wet roads and lots n lots of corns. Indore has its own masaledar flowchart of corn servings during monsoon.

And our list of items will make sure that you gulp the saliva at least thrice while reaching to the bottom.

1. Sikka Hua Bhutta

When you see corn seller along Indore roads, you’ll also see fresh corns roasting over coals. whether you want it or not but its impossible to take your eyes off  from it and few can’t even  control there tongue which leads to adding salt, red chili & fresh lemon over hot corn.


2. Masala Corn

You may find these in malls or in movie theaters but eating masala corn during monsoon has its own pleasure. we know you do try making these at home with your own ingredients which includes our very own Jeeravan and extra lemon. 😉


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3. Butte Ka Kiss

Sarafa may serve  you bhutte ka kiss whole year but when your dadi, nani or mom serves you bhutte ka kiss  with coconut adding to it, proves that, actual monsoon is here.


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4. Corn Chaat

Monsoon adds to the evening snack list of indoris which they are deeply fond off.the crave for the spicy evening twist ends up holding a bowl of corn chart in their hands and relishing it with core satisfaction of completing a day.


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5. Corn Bhel

Bhel  comes under the most loved snacks of indoris and with the addition of corn this snack becomes more interesting. along with the in house experimental skills of indori chatora people.


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6.  Corn Kachori

People of indore can literally make a kachori recipe out of anything then how can they spare corn. But trust us this corn butta kachori with all the chutni servings will steal your heart.


7. Corn Pakoda

Its a simple algorithm for indoris i.e. when it rains you need to have pakodas and that’s where the recipe of corn pakoda floats into the indori menu.


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8. Crispy Corn

The signature quality of an ideal chatora person is to find the scope of crispiness in every possible menu item which has even the slightest  scope for it. the above statement is sufficient enough to prove how much indoris would be in love with “CRISPY ” Corn.


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9. Corn Bajiya

The city of Indore has an unmatched inclination towards hot served bhajiyas + chutni + chilli combination. The addition of corn makes it more tempting.


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10. Corn Biryani

Well in India, Biryani comes from the land of nawabs but interestingly indoris make a jugaad edition of corn into that recipe to come up with their own version of corn biryani.


11. Corn Sandwich

Amongst  the wide range of sandwiches available in indori menu, the combinations available with corn ( Spinach Corn, Corn Mayonnaises, Open Corn Sandwich, Corn Cheese, etc. )  will definitely draw your attention. If you like to experiment a lot, you may find it different and yet delicious.


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Indore, the food capital of India serves you with plethora of wonderful snacks and dishes around the year but when it comes to monsoon, corn tops the menu chart of Indoris. If you have any additions to this list whether its a home made recipe; do let us know 🙂 


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