The concept of sustainable green building is catching up with the pace in the city. Thanks to the Swachh brand which has been acting as a catalyst towards such concepts. A phenomenal change in mindset has been seen from high-end residential buildings to commercial spaces and educational institutes.

According to Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in Indore, the cleanest city of the country, green building concept is seen growing at a rate of over 15 percent with around 51 projects covering over 58 million sq ft built-up area as green within a  span of two years.

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Whether it is residential projects or IT campuses coming up in the city, the trend is catching up at over 15 percent. They are following the principles of sustainable green building.

In addition to this, the trend is also growing amongst organized business parks where the green concept is one of the mandatory requirements.

According to IGBC, government buildings, institutions, temples, and smart city projects are the new entrants into the sustainable green concept.

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Experts claimed that it saves potable water to an extent of 30 – 50 percent as it encourages the use of water in a self-sustainable manner through reducing, recycling and reusing strategies.

Experts said that green buildings enhance the groundwater table and reduce municipal water demand through effective rainwater management. With the use of insulation of walls, roof, and selection of glass, sizing of windows, lighting and efficient air-conditioning and heating systems, utilization of energy can be reduced.

Green building consultants envisage a more improved rate of growth if the procedure for certification and paper formalities are simplified and relaxed.

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Although, there are many green units that are sustainable they do not go for certification due to the complex structure. Many aims to take the certification when they start construction but leave it midway due to hassles.

We are hoping Indore’s growth towards being a perfectionist city never stops. IndoreHD urges you to re-think your choices in daily life and step up to a cleaner, greener future!

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