As is truly said- “Once an Indori, always an Indori!” Whether you live in Indore, or used to live at some time in Indore, these peculiar qualities are never going off your back! Check out these hilarious but true traits that are hallmarks of a true Indori!

1. You possess absolute, unconditional and outright love for every kind of food.

Seth ji Indore me 3 chize badi ektarfa hai..Khaana…khaana…aur khaana


2. There is nothing like unhygienic or unhealthy food in your dictionary. Taste is all that matters.

“Aha!! Kya Jhannat tarii hai masst ekdum! Thodi upar se aur daal do bhiya”


3. You will never face the dilemma of what to have in breakfast. Answers of Poha, Kachori and Jalebi are hard coded in your DNA.

“Aaj ka Poha 56 ka, kachori ravi ki aur Jalebi to apna waale ki hi hona”


4. Sarafa and 56 are nothing less than holy for you. Or for that matter, all those places that offer great food.

Indori sham bole to 56 aur raat bole to Sarafa


5. If you are planning a hangout, it is understood that you are going to eat something.

“Are aise mausam me daal baafle to bante hai yaar ustaad! Laddoo kadhi wagarah ke sath”


6. Before doing anything the right way, you will always think…

“kuch jugaad lag ke kaam ho jaye yaar..”


7. Either you are a born neta, or one of your friends is. Indore is a land crowded with such people.

“Wo ni mane to bas ek phone lagana! Main bhi dekhu saala kaise ni manta!”


8. Your sentences are usually punctuated with words like abe, oye, yaar. And words like bhiya, bhannat, sanan, ektarfa are like your celebrated birthrights. 

“Arre kya yaar bhiya! Dekh ke ni chalate banti kya gaadi..2 minute baad to hawa me hi nikal loge”


Keep sharing your wonderful Indori spirited stories with team iHD. Ekkk numberrr chalne do…



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