Pulpypapaya has everything which will want you to go out but at the same time stay at home! From floor cushions to comfy bean bags, lamps that light up your mood and clothes you want to chill in!

Their team has creative goals to flatter your everyday artistic needs. Every so often they get inspired by local and global art; to bring the output and showcase the talent of their in-house artists they have a flagship store where you are welcome with open bags!!

Team IndoreHD has chosen products you would love to shop from Pulpypapaya. Here is some info about their products:-


Their Bean Bags are a perfect place to slouch, slump and curl in! Sit in them or sleep deep in them, they are made of 100% cotton canvas; block printed with quirky designs and are filled with lots of love! 🙂 


You can complete your décor and comfort goals with Pulpypapaya’s comfy Floor Cushions. Park the assets on them or use them as a back rest, the best is to stack them for both! The patterns on the floor cushions are playful, they are made on canvas thoughtfully for use at home, informal sit outs, and they can be carried to picnics and to your neighbor’s balconies too! 😉


At Pulpypapaya you can find Bags to fulfill all your utilitarian needs from keeping your gadgets, clothes to emotions intact! The wide range of their bags is hand stitched to last almost for a life time. The bags are made of materials like leather, denim, canvas etc.  They are a combination of, contemporary designs, vivid hues and vintage looks.


From traditional Kolhapuris to funky canvas shoes they have a huge selection of footwear for all sex and size! The pure leather chappals and mojaris are handmade, whereas canvas shoes are hand painted keeping in mind the design aesthetics.

All in all Pulpypapaya is a den for art and quirk, it’s a must visit store for all the shopaholics!

You can also connect with Pulpypapaya on Social Media :

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/pulpypapaya

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/Pulpypapaya

PINTEREST – https://in.pinterest.com/pulpypapaya

TWITTER – https://twitter.com/pulpypapaya


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