With temperatures dropping and the inclination to work getting lower with every bout of rain, we have got you a sure shot way to fight this gloomy weather with our special Curated Chai Infusion List. The good thing is that our city is already filled with tea-totalers and you can spot a chai tapri every 500 meters, but we suggest you try something other than your grandma’s special adrak ki chai this season. How about some infusions?


This is China’s staple breakfast tea and is found near the lakes of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. For this tea, the leaves are pan-fried and slightly more oxidized than green tea. This is a wise option to start your day with. You could soften it with a mint leaf, a drop of honey or some vanilla pods.



Ginseng Oolong

On a dull day when you need an energy boost right before a noon meeting, Ginseng Oolong can be of great help. This energy tea comes from the Anxi region in the Fijian Province of China and has the roasted sweetness of ginseng, which helps you energize instantly.

ginseng oolong


Rose Petals

We swear by black tea, which is easily available at any grocery store, but you can give a floral twist to this classic by adding a floral aroma. It makes for a perfect after meal tea with a piece of cake. Add a slice of lime to enhance the flavors even more.

PS: You can make this at home too. Just add a hand full of dried rose petals to an airtight jar of tea and leave it aside for a week. When you open the jar after a week, you’ll have an exotic batch of Rose Petal Black Tea.

rose petals


Butterfly Blue Pea Tea

Butterfly Blue Pea tea is a beautiful pure flower infusion that needs to be brewed with hot water and can then be re-steeped through the day. It calms nervous disorders and tummy troubles apart from being super therapeutic as the color goes from a sky blue to an inky blue as it brews. For a luxurious drink – simply take a Champagne glass, throw in some of the Butterfly Blue flowers, and add hot water whose bubbles have calmed and in about three minutes, just strain and sip.

butterfly blue pea tea


Mulberry Green Tea

Mulberry Green tea from the up-hills of China is sourced from the famous Mulberry tree that gives us silk. This one is a delicious infusion that has immense calcium to help strengthen bones.

mulberry green tea


Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea is a straight leaf instead of an infusion, but we had to feature it as it’s one of the most prized teas that command a great price in auctions across India and China. A perfect quiet moment cuppa – it aids digestion, strengthens immunity, aids de toxicities and above all, tastes brilliant.

It’s that time of the day when lethargy is kicking in, but you still have a few hours to get through before you call it a day – that’s the perfect time to use Laoshan tea. This green mountain tea is a superior organic green tea known for its fragrance. Found in the high mountains of the resort city Qingdao, this tea is a great evening option. Apart from being healthy, it will make you feel so fresh that you’ll feel like the day has just began.

silver needle white tea


Tea isn’t just about mixture of leaves and spices, when it’s at its best, tea is a therapy that can solve every possible worry or at least will help you get a solution. These exotic teas are admirable and healthy in their own ways. But you do need to visit to their native places for an authentic taste. 

Being an Indian, we have different herbs that not only help physically but in some cases is even beneficial medically. Do enjoy these exotic hot cups if you visit the appropriate locations.


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