Who doesn’t want a room to look smashingly cool and creative, and if it’s your own bedroom, then we are always in search for some out of the box ideas to make our room look nice and good. To quench the thirst of your creative thinking, we at Indore HD have decided to make things little easy for you in your bedroom! Well, don’t get us wrong here, but yes, we are going to make sure that we are giving you some really amazing ideas that will set the mood racing and will make your room one cosy place to be!

Shelf ‘em Books!

Being nerdy is nice and if you have a collection of books that are lying around somewhere in your house, then this is the right time to make a good use of it. Start by putting up small shelves in your walls and decorate them up with pattern tapes. The shelves don’t need to be big in size and it will be better if you spread small sized shelves to different parts of your walls to make it look populated with books.



Ditch The Normal Lights!

Mood lights and LEDs are things of past now. When it comes to lights in your room, the best way to do it is to use decorative lights. Don’t let the fancy phrase fool you, they are the same lights that we use for Diwali, and they are dime a dozen in market; that too at a very accessible rates. All you have to do is to get those lights in multicolour and yellow and tape them in shapes that appeal to you the most and voila! Switch them on and instantly they will transform your room into one of the coolest cribs in town!



Let’s Paint The Walls, Shall We!

No, we didn’t mean call up the Asian Paints store and book yourself an appointment with a boring manager, who’s going to suggest you a shade of paint that is same with at least 2557 homes in Indore. What we are telling here is grab a marker and scribble what you like on your wall. If you want to experiment with the bold ideas, get yourself a brush and a little bottle of paint and be your own Michelangelo! Trust us, looking at the artwork you just stroked on the walls will not only make you feel proud, but it will make your room stand out and will attract eyeballs of visitors as well!



Reflect with a mirror!

If you want to keep the decor simply and lassy, add an indoor plant, and a mirror! You can add in all general aesthetics to the room; Say, a stack of books, a bed side table or evena  laundry bag made of cane! The mirror will give an illusion of a larger space, and you can definitely peep into it once in a while to satisfy your narccissit soul. just kidding!



Roll out the carpets!

Ask your mum for any traditional carpets in your house; If not, but a nice fluffy rug or buy it off a flea market (or haat). A carpet can really change the way your room looks. Add to that a simple wall hanging over the bed and you’ll have the perfect minimalist set up. You can also add a nice potted plant for freshness. Moreover, a carpet adds a slightly regal touch to a space.


Don’t forget the Smaller Things!

If you haven’t unpacked from your last trip and your suitcase is lying half open, or the usual chair in the room is over-loaded with a pile of clothes, it’s time you start cleaning your room till you can see it visibly clutter-free An open room not only looks big, but it also feels more airy and relaxed. An open space will give you so much freedom to add the right kind of things big, or small and add a bit of drama to the overall feel to it!



So, these were some of the ideas that will make your room High Definition and will attract yourself to it! If you have any more ideas to transform the look and feel of a room, then feel free to share the same in the comments and let the Indori Janta know!

Note : Images used in this article are just for reference &  owned by their respective owners.



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