While kanda comes from Maharashtra and poha from Madhya Pradesh and its super combo of Poha-jalebi that comes straight from the heart of Indore, here we put forth you some amazing poha combinations, right from the taste of Indore HD.

When kanda poha, usal poha and batata poha couldn’t stick to your buds for long enough try out the twists with your flat rice and have one for everyday in your week’s menu.

Sunday- “Sambhar poha”

Amazing Poha Combinations - IndoreHD

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Toss your poha in some sambhar until it gets dried up. Fry the preparation with some coriander (dhaniya) and some fresh chillies and Vanakkam to the South Indian inspiration in your kitchen.

Monday- “Mingle Poha”

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This tangy- jingle-ready to mingle- poha is perfect to drive you out from those Monday blues. Sprinkle over some soya-chillies oregano flakes and toss it on high flame with baby tomatoes and who cares if there existed just one Sunday in the week.

Tuesday- “Tikha Tadka”

Poha Tuesday Tikha Tadka _ IndoreHD

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Make your poha crackle with red chillies and cumin seeds (zeera) and add lots of onion to it adding tadka to your mood.


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This Budhwar-e-laban may make you experience the flavors of Sindh, where yogurt serves as the principle sausage to every meal. You may also try vegetable raita to add some good health to it.

“Manglorean Guruwar”

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As the mangloreans do-add some coconut, cumin seeds (zeera), red chillies, coriander seeds (dhaniya), tamarind (imli) and jaggery (gudh) and grind them into a chutney. Splutter the paste in mustard seeds, oil, and curry leaves with beaten rice and enjoy it the way Mangloreans do!

Jumma- “Josh Poha”

Straight from the staple of Kashmir- Rogan Josh, brings to you the brilliant combo of cloves (laung), bay leaves (kadi patta), cardamom (ilaichi), saffron (kesar) and chillies. Not just the mouthwatering flavour but also the tickling scent couldn’t be any less to welcome weekend.

Saturday- “Summer Special”

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Tease your beaten rise preparation with some mint leaves and topple it with loads of coriander leaves (dhaniya). Sprinkle lemon juice and be ready to feel fresh on the best day of the week.

For other special Poha styles, do write to us and let us know your innovations with the staple dish of Indore.



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