Diwali is here and so are the days when you will find yourself rushing to the nearest sweet’s shop to get your hands full of Mithais and Namkeens. To make sure that you end up getting the best sweets this festive season, we bring you the finest from Vijay Chaat House. We are sure that the moment you read their name, patties would have flashed in your mind but this time, we have a twist for your guys! Vijay Chaat House this year has added amazingly yummy sweets to its line-up and trust us, its drool worthy! Here, take a look.

Mini Makkhan Bada

Makkhan Badas are like the must have sweets on the platter every Diwali and Vijay Chaat House has given them a little twist. Their Makkhan Badas are on a smaller size but packs the same big taste, even better! They are super soft and made with pure ghee and the biggest advantage that you have with them, is you can gulp them at one go! No need to take any bite! Just grab them, put it in your mouth and they will be dissolved; erupting a wave of taste so good, you will close your eyes and enjoy it for minutes!


Surati Ghaari 

If this doesn’t ring any bell to you, then don’t worry. You won’t find them anywhere in Indore but here.! Well, people at Vijay Chaat House understand the love of Indori Janta and they bring you the best Surati Ghari in Indore. Made from of finest Puri Batter, mashed with pure Mawa and ghee, you are in for some serious Gheelicious Fun, with a hint of cardamom and lip smacking sugar dollop joy ride! Gharis are nutritious and are also very good for health so you can have them without count as well!


Kaju Kalash

Yeah Yeah, we know that you love Kaju katli! But how about that same aplomb of Kajus in a different preparation?! Vijay Chaat House’s Kaju Kalash will make you forget the existence of Kaju Katli forever! Kaju Kalash is a pot shaped signature Mithai and also holds a lot of significance in Hindu culture. On top of the pot that is made entirely with cashew paste, is five beetle or pan leaves around it. Together the entire construction symbolizes Life. Made from purest of ingredients, Kaju Kalash at Vijay Chaat House is daily served fresh!


Dry Fruit Laddoo 

The finest, age old traditional recipe, honed with purest of ingredients makes Dry Fruit Laddoos of Vijay Chaat House absolutely the best! The preparation is very rich and very tasty and is made with real dry fruits like Almonds, Pistachios, Raisins, Figs, Dates, Sugar, and Honey. The Laddoos are very healthy and nutritious and come with great news for parents as they are a complete nutrition option for kids as well!


Cashew Bon Bon 

An oval shaped cashew delight not only makes a cute garnish but also complements the Cashew that it comes loaded with. The bite-sized sweet is sure to give you a mammoth delight the moment you are going to place it in your mouth for that soul soothing first bite! Sweetened condensed milk and perfectly grated Cashews makes up for an incredibly delicious recipe!


Indore HD highly recommends the sweet loving Janta of Indore to pay a visit to Vijay Chaat House and try their Das Bhai range of Mithai this Diwali. We bet you will end up tasting every sweet they have on offer and will end up buying every one of them!  


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