Indore is a paradise for foodies. We all know how much we relish our Johnny Hot Dogs, Baked samosas, cold coffee, and spending our days lurking around Sanchi point. As much as Indore offers everything when it comes to good food, we often end up in cities where the food culture is surprisingly different. There are not many options that we like or relish.

These cities in India are known for their good food. These can be on your go-to list, any time you crave a change of space and want yummy food wherever you go!


delhi chhole bhature

Known as the food capital of India, Delhi has famous Khau Galis, Parathas, Jalebis, Chhole Bhature, Chaat, and so much more. All of these taste authentic and yummy, owing to the typical north Indian palette of the city! For those of you who don’t relish street food as much, Delhi offers several restaurants and high ends café to satiate your hunger pangs. One can find an array of several different cuisines in Delhi.


kolkata puchke

Kolkata is a city rich in its culture and is gastronomically rich too! For those of you who relish sweets, Kolkata is a popular go-to. There’s plenty of street food, and Kolkata specific dishes like Jhal Muri, Puchkas, Kathi Rolls, and Sandesh. For anyone who loves non-vegetarian food, Kolkata offers a variety in terms of Fish based dishes, Mughlai and Tibetan cuisine, and what not!


jaipur daal baati churma

The culture and beauty that comes with Jaipur owe its roots to its vivid, royal past. Rajasthani cuisine being the most sort after, in several parts of the country, Jaipur offers great options for vegetarians, like – Dal Baati Churma, Kachori, Gatte ki Sabzi, kachori, and several others. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, there’s an abundance of quality ghevar. From several fine dine restaurants, quaint cafes, to small city vendors across the city, Jaipur is a great destination for foodies.


amritsari kulche

From the humble roti, daal, rice, to Amritsari kulche, and lip smacking lassi, Amristar sure has a way to our hearts. If you are someone who craves langar, and loves how tasty the food is, the langar at Golden temple is loved from decades. Relishing local Punjabi dishes with loads of makkhan and a tall glass of lassi will keep you full all day! There are several International chains, and great high-end restaurants too.


ahmedabad patre

While Gujrati dishes continue to make the cut for us, be it khakhra, dhokla, gathiya, thepla, or farsan, Ahmedabad offers a huge range of food items. From several fine dine establishments, to local vendors, there’s something for everyone to cherish. Everything from North Indian to the South Indian cuisines can be found in Ahmedabad.


udupi dpsa

If you love South Indian food, Udupi is where you should be going next. If happy, crispy dosas are your jazz, Udupi will show you how it is done! The most authentic South Indian food can be had where else than the place it originated in. Plenty restaurants serve great quality food here. 


kochi seafood

Several varieties of seafood dishes, sweets, thalis, coconut specific dishes, are available in Kochi. Kochi is a coastal town, which makes seafood all the more fresh and relevant. Some of the best places to dine include The Drawing Room or Fusion Bay for seafood, Saffron for Indian and Continental cuisine and Kashi Art Cafe for comfort food.



The French capital of India serves the best South Indian, French, Continental, and European cuisine. Known for its French roots, the food scene here a beautiful mix of cultures. There are several cafes from high-end, to the tiny French-like. The coloured walls, and overall vibe of the place is a mood lifter in itself. Don’t forget to relish the local flavours here. The Auroville asharam is a great place if you are into organic food. Either way the place is full of food options to explore, and there is pretty much everything for all kinds of palletes.

If you have any specific places in India where you relished the food, let our readers know in the comments below! 🙂


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