In order to intensify drive against unauthorized or No Parking area, Indore Municipal Corporation is now planning on taking charge of lifting vehicles from areas wherein parking is prohibited. As a part of the plan, the Corporation officials said that firstly the number of towing vehicles would be increased and secondly,  separate teams would be formed to seize vehicles parked on prohibited space.

Hitherto, under Section 127 & 201 of Motor Vehicle Act, traffic police have this authority to seize vehicles for unauthorized parking. IMC commissioner Asheesh Singh said there are seven towing vehicles that belong to IMC but they are used by traffic police. He cited that they are considering this option to take charge of the lifting vehicles. Vehicles parked unauthorizedly can be considered as encroachments on roads and under the anti-encroachment policy, haphazardly parked vehicles can be seized by IMC. He further added that if all goes well, a public notification in this regard would be issued soon. IMC has plans to procure 12 more towing vehicles to intensify action against illegally parked vehicles in the city. The vehicles are expected to come within a month.

towing van Indore- IndoreHD

Roadside parking on selected stretches may get green signal

Busy streets and not enough space for parking or parking on unauthorized streets which restricts vehicular movement are the two most common scenarios when it comes to roadside parking. In order to address this,  busy roads of the city would soon have designated on-street parking space for motorists with Indore Municipal Corporation preparing to identify such areas, where this kind of system is required.

The civic body has already launched a survey to identify such areas or routes of the city that see heavy traffic pressure because of haphazardly parked vehicles on the roadside.

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IMC commissioner Asheesh Singh said that the idea behind this initiative is to ensure smooth traffic in busy routes of the city and in order to make it successful, they are conducting a drone survey of different areas of the city to identify roads where haphazardly parked vehicles on sides hamper vehicular movement. After the identification of those areas, roads would be marked on the basis of where parking is allowed and prohibited and accordingly, a system would be introduced wherein a separate lane for normal traffic and for parking will be made. For instance- Areas like Kanadia and Ganesh Ganj wherein local shopkeepers and even commuters park their vehicles on the roadside, such a system would definitely work wonders!

He further talked about how lifting vehicles for unauthorized parking is not a solution to this problem especially in areas where there is heavy movement. Hence,  it has been decided to provide dedicated roadside space for commuters to park their vehicles and in case if anyone is seen violating the rules, stern action would be taken

haphazard vehicle parking Indore- IndoreHD

This decision comes after city traffic police submitted a list of roads where roadside encroachments were affecting vehicular movement. IMC officials during an inspection of these areas found out that haphazardly parking on the roadside was one of the major reasons behind the problem.

Indore traffic control- IndoreHD

As we read above, how IMC is taking care to improve the traffic in Indore. Also, read about one more initiative taken by the team on INDORE TO GET A NEW TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TO COUNTER INCREASING JAMS!


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