Indore is quickly climbing up the ladder to compete with other metros as the city is growing at a phenomenal speed. Pretty recently the new International terminal came into function and just a few days back the first flight to Dubai marked a milestone achievement. It has already been declared that three new direct flights from Indore to Shirdi, Lukhnow, and Jaipur will commence shortly. Read on to know more.

Direct flights to these cities will make it very convenient for the cities to get connected as a lot of population travels between these cities. Moreover, it will be a boom for the Indore market as more and more business would take place due to the conveniences.  

Two private airline companies have been given the slot to ply flights back and forth between the cities. Flights from Indore to Shirdi and Indore to Jaipur will be undertaken by Indigo airlines, while Indore to Lukhnow will be undertaken by GoAir. It is an add on that Vistara is also starting up with a new direct flight from Indore to Delhi.

The exact dates aren’t out yet, but the officials already have the proposed timesheet for approval. Though the expected news is that the flight to Shirdi shall take off at 11.15 AM and that the flight to Lukhnow shall be plying 6 days a week which will take off in the evening around 5.25 PM. The flight to Jaipur is said to be leaving early in the morning around 9.20. Though these timings are just proposed and we should wait till October to get the clear picture.


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