Being a true blue Indori, you need to know the addas here that not only serve you some delicious food items, but also do it by keeping your wallet from getting robbed at the same time. Indore was never a place that needed you to have stack full of cash when you felt hungry. This is a city that is going to keep you happy as heavens when you are hungry. Indore HD brings you top 5 places and food items that are going to maintain that ‘Wow’ quotient even if you have just 50 bucks in your pocket.



When it first started in Indore at 56, no one really paid any deed to it as people were already too busy gulping the other items. Slowly, it took Indore by storm and now people crave to have momos. 56 is the place if you are looking forward to have yummy momos and for 40-50 bucks, you can have six pieces of it with yummy white sauce and red chutney.




This is the first choice of anyone in a sho string ‘budget’, but wants to have something ‘Pivar’ Indori to fill their stomachs with. Here’s a trivia! If you are an Indori and gonna eat things like burger or any fast food item, it wont really kick you that much. BUT, if you are going to eat something like Bhel, you will be mighty done! Bhel is available everywhere and there are many good places in Indore that serve them awesomely.



They are of mainly two types. One is the famous, available at all the bakery joints and another one is the exclusive 56 one that has a coconut centre. All of us Indoris have a soft corner for the coconut centre patties and we can go to nay lengths for that. But if in a hurry, baked patties from any eatables shop can be as yummy to eat too!

Sev Parmal



Bhiya! Bas. BAS. This. THIS is what every Indori desires when he has some 20-25 bucks in his pocket and wants to have something for lunch which is light but filling at the same time. Nothing on the lands of Indore can beat the simplicity and tastefulness of a Sev parmal that comes wrapped in local newspapers. Period!




Rolls are an amazing way to fill up your stomach on the go. Order them up, and you could hunt your hunger down while walking, driving, or talking! Rolls are filling, they are cheap and you can have them in choice of you want. They really are the best hunger busters for people who have light pockets!

Well, these were 5 of the budget oriented food option Indore has on offer. If you think of more such items, do comment below!


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