After a long time, amidst thousands of Mobile repair services in Indore centres, emerges a brand that not only promises you the best Smartphone service, but does it in the most technologically advanced way possible. Ladies and gentlemen; meet Phixman Indore. Here’s a ‘man’ who’s going to take care of all your gadgets repair needs; Smartphone and tablets included. What makes Phixman different and feels like a breath of fresh air in the choking mobile repair market is the mobility and ease they have on offer. Phixman has a dedicated informative website which makes it far easier to reach for a normal every day user, to check all the information on repairs and how to contact them and find the right repair solution for a specific model of mobile phone.

If you are ever going to suddenly find yourself with a phone in hand that is not working, then you don’t have to go anywhere, searching for the right repair shop. All you have to do is to call Phixman and they will come right at your doorstep to collect the phone from you. They are also planning a dedicated App for their brand which is going to make it lot easier for anyone, looking forward to quality repairs and services for their Smartphone; Iphone, Moto, and Samsung included.

So, what makes Phixman so different from the array of repairing shops that you are bound to find at every nook and corner of the city? Well, let’s find out!

Book – Pick – Repair –Drop


This is something that you might have never heard before in mobile repairing. Phixman offers you one of the best mobile repairing services in Indore and allows you to book a repair sitting right at your home, office, or even restaurant. Once you have booked a repair, a technician will come and collect the phone from you, after carefully understand to the problem that you are facing. The phone will then be repaired and corrected and will be delivered at your address. After you are satisfied with the repairs, you make the payment at your address itself.

Iphone, Samsung, Moto With Other Brands & Models,
(1 Day Service)


You might have faced problems, while getting your expensive phone or tablet repaired where you must have faced issues like parts not available, minimum 7 days repair period and what not. Phixman eliminates all of this and brings you ‘to the point’ service. They repair every model of Smartphone and Tablets and they do it in just a single day, unlike most of the Mobile services in Indore that take at least 3-4 days for the same! So, if you have an expensive iPhone and you are looking for the best iphone service stores in Indore, or if you have a flagship from Samsung and searching for a Samsung repairing services in Indore to take of it; then you don’t have to look at two different places, as they both, Samsung and iPhone, will be repaired by Phixman for you!

Warranty on Work


When was the last time you were awarded with a warranty on the work done on your Smartphone by any Mobile phone services in Indore centre? You don’t remember, right? Phixman offers you a warranty of three months on the work done by them on Smartphone and Tablets. Every replacement part that they use is genuine and the work is done by skilled technicians on board. Phixman offers you a complete peace of mind.

Aggressive Expansion


Last but not the least, Phixman has started its operations from Indore and has a branch in Ahmadabad as well. After getting popularity in these two cities, they are all prepped to setup in Hyderabad as well. Their concept and working style is unheard in the already competitive mobile repair working scenario in Indore and they promise a work that is truly astounding.

Indore HD highly recommends Phixman for their services, quality and work dedication. They are definitely one of the best amongst many Mobile repairing shops in Indore and if you have a broken phone lying around, that badly needs a ‘fix’, then you now know which man to contact – The Phixman!







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