Things Indoris Say While Shopping

    It’s true that Indori’s find it difficult to buy anything without bargaining for it. However, that technique is no longer useful because of the advent of mall culture and online shopping where there is no scope for bargaining. So here are a few beloved phrases that people use while bargaining which may become irrelevant in the near future.

    1. Hisaab se lagao bhiyaa yaar:

    Said with an authoritative voice, these three words can prove to be extremely effective.


    2. Doosri dukaan par to itne ka tha:

    There is no need to go to another shop and compare prices. The mere mention of competition will do the trick for you.


    3. Bahar se nahi aaye hai, local price batao:

    The magical words which help in shedding Rupees reserved for innocent foreigners.


    4. Sasta karoge to aur le jayenge:

    The tantalizing offer of making a bulk sale is something no shopkeeper can resist.


    5. Itne me to Ambani bhi nhi khareed sakta:

    Bring a little humor intro the bargain with such overly exaggerated comments- a specialty of Indore.


    6. 4 saal se yahi se khareed rahe hai:

    Emotional blackmail based on the customer’s loyalty has always been a favorite phrase to avail discounts.


    7. Ni chiye:

    The ultimate weapon- pretending to walk away until the seller runs after you to accept the product at your own price!



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