Make these monsoons special by endless slurping at your favorite corners with these top 13 monsoon snacks for Indore.


Fried / Steamed / Tandoori or if you have any other way to enjoy momos, make it this season. Straight from northeast- Momos make a perfect monsoon snack for Indore, Find them at 56 Shop.

indore momos


Maggi-maggi-maggi… these 2 minutes maggi noodles tops the list anytime. Try FOI- Food of India or FYI – For Your Information its Maggi outlets spread across Indore.


Hot Dog

Though, Indore needs no particular season to gorge on hot dog and while that fact exists, it yet happens to be even tastier with the tiny water droplets from the shed of the stall. Johny hot dog is  undoubtedly an all time best food option in Indore.

johny hot dog

Moong Bhajiye

Spicy, sizzling, hot, crackling, straight from the kadhai to your fingers with coriander chutney and that’s what we call monsoon snackingtribhinnat– Indore HD style!

moong bhajiya

Pav Bhaji

Melting butter, freshly chopped onions, squeezed lemon and a lot of tang- pao bhaji awaits the monsoon cravings. Turn to Sarafa for the best -in Indore!

pav bhaji


Imli chutney – green chutney- yogurt- chopped onion & our all time favorite “sev”- all together bring up the tempting Indori Kachori. Mathurawala, Chhavni- Indore, may curb your hunger this season.


Samosa Bhel

Few chunks of samosa, blended with chutney and a variety of sev and all you have is a mouth watering samosa bhel- ready to eat? Couple it with the cutting masala chai at the one and only SamosawalaIndore and yum up your monsoon.



There is one thing that would make the cold water hot is, steaming jalebi. And jalebi’s sister is imarti that you can try at Sharma sweets, Chhavani, Indore– this monsoon season.



Let’s admit it- one snack we all love to hop on to bhutta- whether a kiss or a roast. The savaan special corns make it in our top 10 monsoon snacks for Indore. Also try corn biryani, corn pakoda and corn kees- Vridhavan, Indore is your call!


Mirchi Pakode

It’s hot! And definitely its perfect for this monsoon season. All you need is a tea and some rains and these chili Pakode would be all to make your monsoon Indore evening.

mirchi pakoda

Tawa Pulaw

Lip smacking veg pulaow steaming on tawa– what more could monsoon bring along with smothering biryani at Sarafa.



Alloo paratha- methi paratha- gobi paratha-and for that matters- sev paratha, nothing could be better than a wet window and more than “a” hot paratha. You may get it all at Wanna puff, Rau, Indore.


Chhole Tikiya

Hot and crispy aloo cutlet, topped with jeerawan and tossed with chutney and sev– wow! Too much for now- let’s get there and eat it now! Sharma sweets, Indore, is your call!


Let us know what makes your evening finger licking good that could be attached to our list of top 13 monsoon snacks for Indore.


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