Indore is possibly the only place in India where you have so many options to eat, at almost all the time. There can never be a moment where you are going to find yourself running out of options to eat and this is the reason why you have so many joints sprawling around Indore that you can discover in the morning, for breakfast! In this article, we are going to suggest you 5 places that you MUST try over the expensive restaurants and hotels and we bet, they will satisfy you more and you will head for them next time too!

The Line of Shops at Chappan, They’re there For a Reason!

There’s no denying the fact and we are sure you expected the same as well that Chappan is always going to top the list and charts when it comes to eating. No matter how many times you have filled your stomach here, this place has a certain charm that seems to never fade away. If having Poha, Banjos (Johnny Hot Dog), Kachori, Samosa, Patties (Vijay Chaat House), CholeBhature (ChahalPahal) etc is your deal in morning (Heck, like every other Indori) then rest assured, you can only get them here and not at some fancy 5 star adorned restaurant.




JMB? Rings a bell? Je batt! Ye Hui Na Apni The Inodri Waali Baat Bhiya! To Kya Hai, Ki the taste of poha at JMB is something that you can only have at JMB, nowhere else. We, in fact, have even tried it! So we decided to treat ourselves with Poha from a place from where we don’t usually have it and then when we went to JMB, we were hungry for another plate all over again! That’s the magic JMB has!



The tiny lane near Suyash Hospital that never held any significance to the population of Indore is now one of the most crowded places in the morning. Reason? Well, lip smacking Poha of Prashant. If you haven’t tried the signature ‘UsalPoha’ there, then you are missing one great deal, trust us! Prashant’sPoha, Chai and Jalebi combo is one of the best in Indore and we urge you to mark it as your weekend destination this time!


Picture Credits: Yogendra_Rai (flickr)

Ravi Alpahar

How could we miss this?! And you knew this name is definitely going to flash somewhere in this article, didn’t you?! If you want to taste one the most simple yet one of the tastiest Poha preparations, then you gotta be at Ravi Alpahar. And if you are a group of 3 people, all you need is a note of 100 and you will be back. home with your stomach full to the brim. Now name us one 5 star hotel in Indore that you can with the taste to satisfy your senses for mere 100 bucks for three people!


Picture Credits: @ChefTZac (Twitter)

Apna Sweets

If you are in hunt for more than the usual Poha, Jalebi and Chai combo, then Apna Sweets is your best bet. They are at all the major places in the city so you won’t ever have a trouble finding one and as they also offer a very good sitting arrangement as well, you can be sure to spend a relaxing weekend eating tasty stuff they have on offer. And don’t let the big place and name fool you! Their preparations are pocket friendly and amazingly tasty at the same time!


So, these were 5 of the major places in Indore that serve amazing breakfast option at pocket friendly prices. We promise you that once you are in one of these places, you will never ever feel the need to go to expensive hotels to have your breakfast!

If you have any such places in your mind which serves delicious breakfast, do share their name and location in comment section and let the Indori Janta know about them as well!

Featured Image – @Kashu_nuts (Instagram)


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