5 Crazy & Different things you could try this wedding season

Indians are famous for their typical wedding ceremonies. Since time immemorial, the same rituals have been part of nearly every Indian weddings. Now that the rituals cannot be changed, people are adopting fun ways to add some color to their weddings. Check out these things you can adopt to make your wedding that everybody would remember for a long time.

Theme Wedding

This is one of the most popular and new concept currently being adopted in metros. In this, the whole ceremony is planned with keeping a peculiar theme in mind. All the dresses, food items, decorations, gift wraps revolve around the same theme.  


Destination Wedding

Breaking the stereotypes is always fun. If you are all about fun and doing things differently, this option might be perfect for you. India is a land full of awesome destinations. Just pick any one that suits for comfort and budget and you are good to go.


Pre and Post Wedding photo shoots

These days lots of creativity is being induced in photo shoots. There are many studios and photographers who divide the whole wedding photography into three parts- Pre, main and post wedding. The pre and post shoot is done on romantic locations, with creative and unique ideas so that you can cherish that special occasion for the rest of your life.


Wedding Filming

Another great idea is to film the entire wedding ceremony so that you can relive each and every moment at any point later in your life. Nowadays, a lot of studios create trailers, teasers and cinema like edited videos that leave you mesmerized every time.


The Social Message wedding

If you are into social work and love the idea of doing something for the society, you can go for this one. You can give out social messages in all your ceremonies starting right from the distribution of cards. This way you would end up spreading a lot goodness and people are going to remember you for a long time to come.




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