OMG Not an engineer? Crazy Indori responses for those breaking the stereotypes

It has happened with you. You have finally decided to take that call from within. Brimming with enormous enthusiasm, hope and apprehension you embrace the passion of your life as your career. For you, probably this might be the singularly best decision of your life. But even before you take off for your magnificent journey, you will be facing a few typical Indori’s, ready to shower their admonishing blessings.

The Over-Concerned Neighbors.


These seem to be so concerned about your career, that sometimes even you start doubting yourself that whether you worry enough for your own. Their comments comes free, non-stop and have exceptional irritating properties. Usually igniting a conversation with simple questions like “Aur kya chal raha hai beta”? , they try to vanquish you with statements like “Beta iss sab se ghar nahi chalta. Pehle naukri kar lo, fir saare shauk poore karna”.

The Absolutely Unconcerned Relatives.


They may or may not say this to you directly, but you have undoubtedly secured a position in theirlist of hottest topics for discussion in their households
Ye computer wali line to secure aur achi thi,fir ye kyu apne pair pe kulhadi maarne me laga hai!”


The Dearest Ex-colleagues.


Except for a very few, you will always find them ready with their overwhelming wishes for your future. With a tiny hint of sarcasm.

Ab to tu bada aadmi ban jayega. Itne upar ja k hum logo ko mat bhool jaana”.


The Wicked Best Friends.


Even when these are the people who are going to support you in your every thick and thin, they won’t leave a single opportunity to make fun of you with their cunning remarks
“Arre is ko kuch mat bolo, bada kalakar ban gaya hai ye. Apne jaiso ke sath rehne ke din gaye iske!”


Those Acquaintances Who You Accidentally Meet Somewhere.


The moment you look at their faces, you realize they know about your decision. But they wait for you to bring up that topic and if you don’t, they innocently fire questions like- “Aur kaisi chal rahi hai job?”And then they go on with their clueless expressions as you go on rambling about your emotions and whatnot. They finally conclude your sermon with a smirk like “Chalo aapko jam raha hai to acha he hoga”

Well, who said breaking stereotypes was easy. But for a person with unflagging motives, such comments turn out to be catalysts that only bolster their intentions. If you are one such person, we would like you to know that team iHD is always standing with you. Achieve what you truly deserve and remember not even the sky is your limit.



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