Today is 25th of November and exactly one month from now, we’ll have Christmas in town! Although, we don’t have to even mention here that cakes are the best thing that happen to Indori people, when Christmas comes knocking and many bakers and confectioneries in Indore start to prepare some of the yummiest cakes options in town. In this article, we are going to suggest you some of the cakes that you must try this Christmas, if you are able to get your hands on them.

Plum Cake



Plum cakes are the most basic, yet the most popular Christmas cake option you are going to find in the city. They are tasty, filling and come in variety of size options, to curb your cravings down. There are many bakeries in Indore that start to prepare plum cake before the start of the Christmas week, so you can be sure to never run out of stock with them!

Kerala Christmas Cake



Well, this cake might look exactly like a plum cake, but it tastes whole lotta different from the one. We bet that once you have tasted a well prepared Kerala Christmas cake, you won’t go back to the regular plum cake for sure. They have a certain cinnamon taste that lingers in your mouth long after you had it. Worth the hunt and try!

Sponge cake



Sponge cake is the same old trusty soft cake that we all used to have when we were kids. But come Christmas, and they get a slight makeover with a different taste options like vanilla, milk, chocolate, ice cream and other flavours, to give you more taste options to choose from.

Caribbean Black Cake



This is known as simple fruit cake in Indore but it is very different in taste and if you would be lucky enough to grab one from a good bakery, then you are in treat for sure! The cake itself is wrapped in foil and is loaded with dry fruits to the brim. The dry fruits are dipped in rum overnight before using them in the cake to add a dab of flavour to the cake and you can experience the hint of it in every bite. This cake is so addictive that once you’ve tried it, seeking it come December becomes an obsession for some. 

Simnel Cake



We bet that most of you haven’t even heard of it but trust us, this is one cake to try! This cake has creamy marzipan balls on top and is filled with plenty of candied lemon peel, other fruits, or the choice the baker has decided to fill it up with. Though some old Christian families bake this cake in Indore, you are sure going to have a very tough time to get your hands on this cake this season!

These were the exclusive picks of Christmas cake this season from Indore HD. Do keep a track on bakeries for the same!

Featured Image : Rahul Cornelius


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