In conversation with Indore’s Leading Fashion Designer Megha Jain Madaan

Megha Jain Madaan – A management student who followed her passion and became India’s top notch designer from Indore, has got many things that would inspire you and change the way you look at fashion and the efforts behind it. Having worked with India’s most eminent designers she has carved a niche in the fashion […]


9 Creative Dressing Experiments to keep you cool this summer

It’s the season of mango yellows and coconut whites.. Use them all up for dressing under the sunny bright sites! The minute we think of stepping out in the scorching heat, we start to gather our glares and hats, think what we can wear, how and how much. Here are some tips for doing the same […]


Pulpypapaya- A Haven for All Things Eco-Friendly

The last time we featured Pulpypapaya on our page, we never thought it would create such a stir amongst the art starved people in Indore. The response was immense and in tune with that, we bring you a detailed peek into the store, giving you the dope on what’s on offer, what can you buy […]


Labels and Class, Fashion and Desire: Gotraa Store Indore, your designer destination

Are you bored of the shopping scene in Indore, where you have limited options? Are you looking out for designer dresses and accessories, which set you apart from the Indori crowd? Are you looking out for dresses from big designers? Do you want a collection in your wardrobe, that lets you brag about while keeping […]